Rodneys and Ruperts Dress codes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Tara, Feb 3, 2002.

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  1. Come on thenlet us all hear about what young Rodney and Rupert are wearing these days.
    Will start with a Guiness Book of Records Claim....... I think I saw the first Officer in Summer dress yesterday. Little boy (sorry I meant Lt) from Scots Div in Trews, Blue shirt (short sleeve Order) and glengarry wandering around Herford. Just wish I had been closer to have a little debate with him about dress regs etc. In case he is reading   WAN KER
  2. P.S. Wouldn't mind but he is not even the ADC!!
  3. P.P.S Don't a lot of ADCs forget who is the General???
  4. I thought Rodneys just made up the dress codes it's only the Enlisted that have to wear it like jumpers with CS95......our CO wears full CS95 SSO while we have to wear what he says and sweat
  5. yes but do you have to dress for diner?
  6. Yeh gods! We had Comd JHC (down to earth type if a bit mad) visit recently, to present some LS+GC's. He was in his Best Blues as would befit the occasion. His ADC, some spotty faced Flt Lt, was dressed in suede Oxfords, red socks, pink chords, issue stripy red and white shirt, YELLOW tweed jacket and a bloody kravat! Everyone in the Sgts Mess put their drinks down and just pointed at him! What is that all about?

    Another thing that makes me laugh is psuedo rodneys, you know, the enlisted types who wear Barber, Chelsea boots, moleskins and have a Lab (nothing against owning a Labrador). Where on earth did they learn to do that?
  7. They learn all that stuff in Sandhurst, when learning about what they have to wear at different ranks-------------------------when on promotion to capt = lab dog,chelsea boots,barber and flatcap-----------------------------------maj = gloves and scarf aswell
  8. Trog, it would help if you faced your monitor (big TV screen conneted to that type writer thingy) when you read the posts. I said "psuedo rodneys, you know, the enlisted types". That means NCO's, like me and you. OK?
  9. Guys - Save it for the ol' Naffi Bar!!!!! :p
  10. F**k me, I'm still laughing now  ;D;D;D  Praise be to the Lord_F...your last two on here, especially the first.... funny as f**k!  ;D
  11. Cheers Lord but i thought  the writing would look better like this, When i wrote about the officer thing What i really should have emplied was this, that it is you that dress´s with these strange tastes. 8)

    PS hiddoius piggious cheers mate ..........For what you probably are asking yourself-----------------Answer, for being a waste of computer space! 8)
  12. :-/ so can some1 actually explain why officers wear lemon coloured jeans with a pink shirt.

    Where did these guys get their dress code? C&A ;D
  13. maybe woopert could explain the pink shirt thing

    I have accused him of using it as a trade mark in another place ;D
  14. There is NOTHING wrong with my pink shirt you cheeky little t*%t!

    Red or yellow cords with brown suede chukka boots, blue shirt and a round-neck jumper under sports jacket IS cool....ok....yaaaa!
  15. As modelled by Alan Partridge;

    Yellow Farrah Stapress Action Slacks, Argyle ankle length socks, Grey slip on Hush Puppies, a short sleeve 'pilot' shirt toned in a soft pastel lemon, finished off with the obligatory 'Sports Jacket' (and matching Blazer badge)....and for that 'Man about town look', leather string backed driving gloves. Shoot me now!