Rodney King 2? (but without the riots)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sportbilly42, May 9, 2012.

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  1. Well it's hardly going to start off another wave of LA riots like 20 years ago, especially as this guy isn't an afkan-merkan (instead he's just a local LA schizo) but the video of this fella's beating and subsequent death at the hands of some LA cops has a similar start point and is getting some coverage Stateside, as the trial of the police involved has started.

    B&W video footage of cops getting their jollies by cracking a defenceless man senseless with batons, zapping him with a tazer, forcing his arms so far behind his back they nearly snap, crushing the life out of him... and all the while not knowing that CCTV is following them and all the while knowing that this fella didn't seem to be putting up a great deal of resistance. And the 'reinforcements' didn't exactly break into a sweat with any first aid ("Is he dead?").. In fact now that they've linked up voice recordings obtained from the police and matched it with the CCTV footage you have to wonder why these officers decided to give this guy the severe beating they did, he seemed to be fairly cooperative.

    The video is quite disturbing from the moment he tries to reason with the cop, through the parts where he's pleading for his life and apologising, to the moments when he breathlessly calls out for his dad and then pegs it.....

    Full un-edited video presented in Kelly Thomas murder trial --
  2. "this fella didn't seem to be putting up a great deal of resistance" Key word. If the nutter had complied at the start he'd still be drawing the dole today.
  3. What bit didn't he comply with??

    "Stick your legs out in front of you" .....He sticks his legs out in front of him
    "Put your hands on your fukin' knees" .....He puts his hands on his fukin' knees ...(but pulls his knees in because it's difficult to do both at the angle he's sat..)
    "Do both" He does both...
    Then cop leans forward and says "See my fists... they're getting ready to **** you up" I think at that stage it's clear the cop was after a bit of excitement so it's fight or flight for Thomas, who opts for 'flight' (but still ends up with the 'fight').

    Just how many times did Thomas say "Sorry dude!" through his busted up face while the cops are bouncing him off the concrete And when they said give me your arm he says "here!" to suggest he was complying as best as an oxygen deprived man could under the circumstances.

    Still, we're dealing with the American Justice system here and there's cops on trial...... they'll get off...
  4. With an apparent 6 officers involved, you'd like to think the others who haven't been charged would have their notes of the incident examined.

    Wikipedia states the FBI have been investigating as the locals don't have a good record at investigating their own.

    One wonders but for the recording, what would have happened to this poor man's memory?

    2 police officers have been charged and have got an interesting defence:

    Kelly Thomas case: Two Fullerton cops ordered to stand trial -

    The injuries make for unpleasent reading, the photo of his face in hospital would not be out of place for a beating by the Syrian Mukhabarat [Google it if you really want to, poor feller looks dreadful].

    Kelly Thomas died of asphyxia | thomas, death, rackauckas - News - The Orange County Register
  5. I should have phrased that better, my apologies. His non-compliance started when he tried to do a runner and continued when he started struggling. After that you just knew it was going to end in a rather painful game of Twister. I'm not disagreeing with you when you say the rozzers acted like a team of c*#ts.
  6. Fair enough if the cops just gave him a bit of a touch up, but beating him to death is stretching things a bit.
  7. Possibly the Yank coppers are more aggressive because they seem to work one to a car. My experience of American policing is limited to the odd episode of Cops, but they give the impression of going the knuckle early. Any U.S based arrsers have an opinion on this?
  8. You, are a cock, nothing else to add really.
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  9. It appears to me that this dude should of been just physically restrained, did they need to taser him when there were 3-4 officers on the scene? Cmon fella's this guy didn't appear to be armed, although if he was high on drugs and really strong maybe they had no option..I can't see a conviction coming out of this footage, I've seen worse on Cops TV programme.
  10. I've seen that a couple of times, never saw them beat anyone to death on it though.
  11. I' sorry, did you read the quote about what the Coroner's report (at #4) said about the level of injuries?

    I don't accept what you have said about those police officers "having no option". I have stuggled with both those high on drugs and the profoundly mentally ill.

    I was even compelled out of fear for my life to use my baton on one mentally ill man.

    I didn't kill him.

    It did not occur to me to use that level of force on him that would risk killing him, though I genuinely feared for my life.
  12. With due credit to the good coppers, I must say that incidents like this make me think that human governance should be based on two guiding principles:

    1) Power corrupts. If you give a group of people power, some bad apples will abuse it.
    2) Assume incompetence and/or corruption. Human organisations should be set up to mitigate the effects of bad apples in positions of leadership or power.

    In practical terms this suggests a decentralised check-and-balance form of governance.

    What do you guys think about every police officer on the beat wearing a shoulder or helmet mounted camera whose feed streams to the WWW for public viewing, and it can't be turned off?
  13. Absurd, intrusive, probably illegal, a ludicrously expensive and technologically over-elaborate solution to a problem that can be solved in many simpler ways.

    It would be very handy to criminals though, they could use it to keep tabs on where all the coppers were and thus avoid detection and arrest.
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  14. I'll own up to being a c&#t * any day, but calling me a c#@k * indicates that I have no experience in these matters. It's common for crims/nutjobs to scream blue murder during an arrest while still struggling. It used to be called "programming the witnesses". Whilst our American friends may have been a tad enthusiastic a fair amount of old mate's antics have been obscured.
    *I've been cautioned for swearing in current affairs.
  15. fu2

    fu2 LE

    LA police are renowend for for being brutal. These two should be done for murder and the others for aiding and abetting although I doubt if anyone will be convicted. The problem is not confined to LA, where my sister lives the police are relativly polite if your white but if your black it`s a different story. She told me never ever get gobby with a cop or you will end falling down the stairs at the station;-P .I remember seeing a video of a 6 foot 5 120 kilo cop tasering a 85 year old 5 foot 45 kilo granny for not getting out of her car quick enough !!