Rocky Mountains this summer

I might be coming over as an escort officer with some British cadets this summer. I don't know whether I've og the gig yet, but anyway I have applied for the Rocky Mountain course. I was wondering if anyone had any useful info/tips/etc that I should have before heading over.

Specifically I am curious about exactly what kind of adventurous activities are conducted. I have experience and qualifications in climbing and hillwalking (for what good they'll do for Cananda - we don't have a bear issue in the UK!) but I can't remember ever having actually been in an open canoe...As an escort officer would I be expected to teach/instruct? No probs on the old climbing and camping (except for the bears!) but should I get myself some canoeing experience before I go or needn't I worry on that score?

Also, should I try and forget everything I've ever heard about Bob and Doug MacKenzie lest I be strung up for said bears?

Any other tips would be most gratefully appreicated.
A geography teacher from my school CCF did this last year- if you PM me your email address then I can put you in contact with them.

Try here:

CadetWorld - CW Front Page

Although it gives off the air of being "international" virtually every member is a Canadian cadet/AI. There's also a large contingent of adult staff there who should be able to answer your questions regarding AT.

It's also full of knobs, but they'll probably have the info you want.
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