Rocky Balboa

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Sandy_The_Guvnor, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. Watched it today and thought it was excellent, a definite must see
  2. its out all ready????

    saw a few trailers thought it looked allright but for godsake this is the six one how many more can they make.
  3. this will be the last 1 apparently, and it has just opened in the states come out officially over here on the 19th of jan
  4. Another Rambo is due out too.
  5. He looks to be in good shape,not too much evidence of the Ginsters belly
  6. Anyone else seen it yet? Its pretty good!
  7. Out on the 19th.

    The good thing about the Rocky films are that each one is based loosely on a fighter in heavyweight boxing history, if Rocky was based on Chuck Wepners fight with Muhammad Ali and Rocky 2 is based on James J Braddock beating Max Baer. Rocky III is based on Floyd Patterson vs Sonny Liston (different ending admittedly) Rocky IV is based on um...
    give that one a miss, Rocky V can be based on umpteen boxing stories but this one has a sniff of the George Foreman comeback. So Rocky aprt from the fourth always has a ring of truth about it.

    Mason 'Dixon' Line is former world light heavyweight champion Antonio Tarver.

    All accounts up till now it is a good film and the 19th is booked in my diary (if I had a diary that is)
  8. yep watched it last wed its not bad i think but not as good as the first three