"Rocket Propelled Mortar" found in skip.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oddbod, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Oddbod

    Oddbod LE

    So sez the BBC

    OK, so WTF is a "Rocket Propelled Mortar", apart from the construct of an ill informed & fevered reporter's brain?
  2. So?
    Most non forces readers couldn't give a rats arse if they described it as a' bomb',who needs the technical spec?
  3. Nebelwerfer or Charlie G round?
  4. Oddbod

    Oddbod LE

    I had this image of a US M113 mortar truck with a yuge rocket motor sticking out the back & wondered how someone sneaked it into a recycling depot.:)
  5. Nothing to do with the munitions half inched from the train the other day, maybe?
  6. dingerr

    dingerr LE

    The only news there is that the RN actually had a team on duty.
  7. That's **** all.

    Sinner finds turps propelled weapons round the back of skips all the time.
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  8. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't Kirkz who found it! He'll be gutted! :lol:
  9. nobbyd

    nobbyd LE

    I was going for Charlie G
  10. Ssshhhhh, its a black project, from the same team who brought you: the belt fed mortar, stripey bollard paint and the viagra predecessor the "**** off tablet." This one's so secret we didn't dare brief the bin men!
  11. CQMS


    What's the point of a rocket propelled mortar, what do you do, shoot it up to 10,000 feet before firing or is there an elite rocket propelled mortar Pl with a rocket propelled MFC ready to rain death from the sky?
  12. stinker

    stinker LE

  13. ACAB


    Got it in one.
  14. exmunkey

    exmunkey Guest

    And I thought I was out of the loop, it's called an ICBM InterContinentalBallisticMortar
  15. Oddbod

    Oddbod LE

    Nah; dat's a rocket propelled mortar projectile. De mortar is sittin' on de groun' an' not movin' at all ,at all.:)