Rocket launcher found in Northern Ireland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by happybonzo, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. One down and hundreds to go. Not being pessimistic of course.
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  2. Oooops, it's mine, I left it behind in 1978.

    Can I have it back please?
  3. must be a nasty lie. Everything was handed in. EVERYTHING!
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  4. Ah now see it was found in Travis Perkins and is obviously grey soil pipe.........
  5. Yeah, everything, even the paving stones and the sofa that got chucked off the Divis Tower.
  6. Nothing new there. There have been a few similar finds over the past four or five years. PRIGs, RPGs, and on three separate occasions within last 12 months EFP's. That's not including various AK variants and other assorted arms. Decommissioning my hole........ This place is****ed. Less so than in the past, but still****ed all the same. But sure most of you know that.
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  7. Are they aiming for the moon?,stupid f***rs.
  8. The discovery of a rocket launcher and warhead in Northern Ireland has saved lives, police said.

    The explosives were found at a house in west Belfast on Tuesday by officers probing dissident republicanism.

    The anti-peace process armed factions have been linked to the killing of soldiers, police officers and a prison warder.

    A Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) spokesman said: "These weapon systems are clearly intended to kill and we should be in no doubt that the recovery of these items has saved lives."

    Northern Ireland Police Federation chairman Terry Spence, who represents rank and file officers, praised his "brave" colleagues.

    "The rocket launcher and warhead seized by the PSNI in west Belfast were undoubtedly intended to murder officers," he said. "No hiding place for terrorists. A magnificent job by our brave colleagues."

    Police have been on high alert for more attacks in Northern Ireland for some time.

    The munitions were seized in Hawthorn Street off the Falls Road.

    The items have been taken away for forensic examination.

    Earlier this month Irish police intercepted a suspected dissident republican haul of rocket launchers and explosives in Co Tipperary which were believed to be en route to Northern Ireland.

    I think its time to reintroduce internement. Round up all the taigo waigos with any association including those in the govt, then round up all the so called british culture flag waving protesters and include their supporters in govt, shove them in the H blocks of the maze then there will be fewer people left to compete for jobs, at least half of the Belfast council will have vacancies then we can all get back to a good protestant state for a good protestant people. I would also like to shout **** THE POPE but he's resigned in protest so will have to wait out on that one.
  9. In another couple of weeks you'll be able to shout "**** THE TWO POPES" :)
  10. I'm as concerned about the volume of 'pipe bombs' that are being used around the Province. They cause as much mayhem to everyday movement. Rarely given any publicity on this side of the water.
  11. Foggy is as ever correct.

    I was at something recently which most of the time was a one sided briefing for slow learners from an OF3 who was a typical blow-in who wouldn't concede that his slide on the police was misleading. But his colleague did say that the decommissioning was basically smoke and mirrors and just for the general public.
  12. A few problems....

    Internment didn't really work before. It's unlikely to now.
    The "taigo-waigos" pretty much run the shop. As long as they confine themselves to shooting at fellow Paddies, be the the flag waving variety or otherwise nobody (save the people they're killing) is going to lose much sleep.
    The Maze is required for important things like agricultural shows.
  13. Isn't a warhead the facial expression encouraged during bayonet practice?
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