Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GwaarSoldier, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the difference between Rockape Pre-Para and P-coy is? Ie: which ones harder and why don't the RAF Regt do p-coy. Cheers
  2. They have the same course programme.

    RAF Regt haven't done P-Coy since some time in the 70's (I think). The RAF Regt set up their own selection cse because P-Coy could only offer a small number of slots on each course to the RAF Regt, and this was not enough sustain the number of Para Trained RAF Regt personnel that were required. Because of this, the RAF Regt set up its own cse, using the P-Coy training programme, to enable it to maintain its mandated para-trained strength.

    Now onto the gossip bit. Rumour has it that back in the late 90s P-Coy came over to RAF Honington to try to absorb the RAF Regt para selection requirment and with it Pre-Para. Unfortunately this was at the same time that P-Coy were going through all of the turmoil trying to get people through their course (resulted in the introduction of rest days, lengthened the course from 3 weeks to 4, etc, etc you may recall a lot of news in the press about it). When P-Coy looked at the RAF Regt cse they discovered that the RAF Regt version was harder as the RAF Regt were still following the original programme. This was clearly not a good thing (for either cse). A major review of both P-Coy and Pre-Para was carried out, the result being a new programme and the realignment of both cses. I don't know how much of this is true, however, it seems credible to me, and I do remember P-Coy going to Honington and leaving somewhat surprised about what they found.

    In short, as I understand it, the programmes are identical. The key difference is that there is no leadership type selection on Pre-Para as there is on P-Coy. This is because the only personnel participating in Pre-Para Selection are RAF Regt 'badged' and therefore are assumed to have the necessary skills. On P-Coy, personnel are volunteering from all arms and therefore there is an element of selction to see if they would fit into an Airborne unit.

    Hope that helps.

    (I'll stand by for the usual "All RAF Regt are a bunch of walt W@NKERS" :roll: )
  3. Nah, won't give no grief. I just got back from PGAC yesterday and the Cpl who took us was 2 beasted to fcuk. im TA so if anything, please no STAB jokes :lol:
  4. Nabbed from another site.

    Not my words though so don't send 3 Para mortars around to kick my back door in.
  5. I did my Pre-Para course in 1986 as an 19 year old and a few months out of recruit training. Never did P-Coy so can't really say. We spent a fair amount of time in Scotland going up and down the Cairngorms. It was April and there was still alot of snow. Had to do a BFT every morning aound Grantown-On-Spey and then on the way back in the eveneing we were dropped about six miles from camp to run back. Great fun after a day on the hills! Most of these runs were timed individual best effort and you set out at intervals. You were never told your times, watches were banned and if you didn't continuously improve then there was a good chance of getting binned.

    One of the hardest things we did on the course was the Lyke Wake Walk in the first week. This is a route of approximately 42 miles across the North Yorkshire Moors. We set out on a Wednesday evening after a day of gym tests and assault course work and did about 7 miles. We bivied up and did the next 35 miles the next day. The next day, Friday we had to do the Catterick Race course run with kit and some other stuff.

    The final week was test week, which was stretcher races, runs, assault courses, milling, swimming tests (ran to the swimming pool in Catterick Garrison), gym tests and finised with a ten miler on the Friday. The ten miler was a timed individual effort.

    Cpl Gunner Retired!
  6. Cheers for that guys. i asked the 2 Sqn Cpl but it were so long since he did Pre-para he couldn't remember the exact details. I'm not sure whether to go in yet or join the RAF Regt Reserves first. like i said, im TA so it'd just be a case of transferring and doing the Gunner Course and getting the Mud Guards. Ever met any RAF Regt Reserves?Any good? :roll:
  7. and does anyone know if RAF Reserves can do Pre-para?
  8. Never heard of anyone doing it.

    I know that the RAuxAF Regt are not entitled to do the course, however, depending of course loading I don't see why a reservist couldn't fill any vacant slots. The real problem comes when you try to get your para wings (assuming you have successfully passed Pre-Para). RAuxAF Regt are definately not entitled to do the jumps course and the likelyhood of you getting a slot on the course through 'grace and favour' would be virtually nil. The RAF Regt are having enough trouble getting Regular gunners on the jumps course (as are the Paras I might add).
  9. RAuxAF Regt guys are good at what they do, which is back fill gaps on Regular Squadrons when the unit deploys. The problem with them is that it takes about 2-3 years to become compitent due to them only receiving training at weekends. If you transfered from the TA you might have already covered some of the training so could 'skip' forward so to speak. It largely depends on your experience. If you were thinking of joinging the RAF Regt, I would suggest just do it rather than joining the RAuxAF Regt first as this would be a waste of your time.

    I am sure people on here will question why you want to join the RAF Regt when you could join the Army. At the end of the day, you are your own person and can make your own choices. If you want to become a Regular Serviceman, don't mess around in the Reserve Forces, just join up. It sounds like you have looked around enough already anyway so you won't learn any more about military life in the reserves anyway.
  10. Can only agree with visitingrock, I joined the RAuxAF Regt ( 2729 Sqn when they operated Oerlikon 35mm anti aircraft guns ) And although I had a fantastic 2 years, and it was a good learning experience , I always thought I would have been better just going straight in.
    Plus I did get a bit of stick for being 'Ex Oggie' from the lads on my first posting in the Regulars (Clickety Click at West Raynham) But not half as much as the ex army did.
  11. How can they be identical if they are done in different places :roll:
  12. Apparently the subject my wife teaches at school is taught exactly the same way at the other end of the country, imagine that!
  13. ^^^ Funny Fcuker :evil: :evil: :evil:
  14. gwaarsoldier,

    you cant go airborne as an oggie rock; as has been said already; not enough places, plus no oggie sqn is in the airborne role, plus not enough training days available as it is! ours are being cut down this year already.

    as ex reg army (RA) I can honestly say the oggie regt is well worth doing, we dont seem to get a lot of the sh*t the TA guys get .(having worked with them quite a few times) We still get the mobilisations like the TA, but the scoff is better!!

    good bunch of lads, like anything else you get out what you put in.

    oh yeah, and the regular regiment hate us ! :)
  15. Didn't think that comment through did we :lol: :roll: