Rockape Jackanory?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airborne_Aircrew, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Rather than mess up this thread which has a chance of being quite funny I have started this thread to address Spaz's accusations that the notes written for a book by a now deceased Rock are rubbish and a series of made up stories.

    He uses this thread here on Arrse as his basis for the accusation that this thread is rubbish.

    The only serious criticism of the story comes from the reference to the Albatross aircraft used. Upon going back and referring to the notes I find that it is completely my error. The original author had a rather... errr... interesting, that's a good word... of annotating the notes to point to references etc. I misread his annotation and was looking at the wrong section. I then managed to utterly misinterpret what was written and came up with three engines. Furthermore, I'll also admit to having a feeling of uncertainty at the time since I also thought that the Albatross was a WWI single engine... My very, very bad.

    Having relooked at the notes, (an having looked at the appropriate section and read it properly rather than just skimming it :D ), I will happily amend that section to read:-
    There was also a question in that thread about the FuG 218 radar so I independently checked that too and find that the Fug 218 radar was made by Siemens and was designated "Neptun". It seems it was one of several FuG radar systems used by maritime aircraft for finding ships and by night fighters for night time operations. It seems it had a range of up to 5km from a minimum range of 130m and that it was quite a successful piece of kit. I hope this clears up that particular question.

    Is that better?

    Edit to Rocknet made...
  2. Sorry, all I got was white noise
  3. Then you are using the FuG 220 with the antenna array for the FuG 218 on a FW 190 dumbarrse...
  4. No actually it was 360 Sqn jamming him. :D
  5. Think I'll save this thread for tonight just in case I can't get to sleep.
  7. Move this thread to RockNet !
  8. Why, Spaz asked the question here... He made the accusations here which makes him look grown up round here... If he ceases to look that way then it should, rightfully, be brought to light here too... 8)
  9. Move this thread to RockNet !
  10. well said.
  11. Thankyou.

    Just to be certain...

  14. I'm thinking you want to move this thread to rocknet?