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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by YANK60, Sep 4, 2005.

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  1. Have any of you seen this reality program called Gene Simmons Rock School? The ex-Kiss band member is attempting to recruit a "band" at a British religious school. These kids are as uptight and stuffy as they come. This is fcking hilarious.
  2. What channel?
  3. Well, in the U.S. it comes on VH1. Not sure about England. It takes place at a school called Christ's Hospital. Very conservative. The kids talk like they have marbles in their mouths. No offense, but they do. And they're driving Gene Simmons nuts.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Christ's Hospital is a TOP school - they take lots of Kids on scholarships, and have ben noted for the 'performing arts' for a Loooong time. They also make them wear uniforms that are hundreds of years old - they walk around the local Town (Horsham) on a weekend, with floor-length gowns and soup-plate size badges (The Prefects, I think). Like something out of Harry Potter. They also have a V Good CCF.

    One thing is for sure - if it is CH, it certainly isn't a Religious School, that's for sure.
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  5. They're driving Gene Simmonds nuts, the old git's been nuts for decades.
  6. "They're driving Gene Simmonds nuts, the old git's been nuts for decades." No argument there.

    Yeah, it does have a Harry Potter feel to it. The kids seem to be talented in their own areas, but have no idea whatsoever what rock music is.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh they do, they do. but what do the directors/Editors want to show?
  8. I've seen 3 episodes, and I can't understand Simmons' rationale for his choices in the various positions in the "band". Several of the kids had pretty fair singing ability, but he picked a kid as lead singer that Simon Cowell would strangle on sight. The girl who was pretty good on keyboard was put on bass. She can play one note. And so on. But yes, you know that some of this was engineered by the producers. I have to say though that it is refreshing to see a group of kids seemingly unspoiled by the type of media influence that captivates so many young people. When Simmons mentioned that he had made over $100 million in his career, he was met with blank stares.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    His advantage is, he can lick his eyebrows, if I remember correctly...
  10. Yes. And he publishes his own magazine. The title? Gene Simmons Tongue
  11. Gents,

    Thanks for the pointer but how about it if I sent my kids there on BSA. Both my kids are currently in Prep and I'm looking for a decent secondary school. Looking at their site BritMil looks well catered for. Anyone got any decent advice?
    Subject to getting in, can't wait to laugh at them for the daft uniform.

    Does anyone send there kids there?
  12. You may be confusing Genes.

    (or you are thinking of Ozzy :lol: )
  13. i go to ch. we wear the uniforms just for lessons. no one walks around horsham in it. we are not a prep school. something like 60% of kids dont pay fees because they cant afford to. to get in your parental income has to under a certain amount. we are one of the charity schools set up to help poorer children and we are the only one which still does. and contary to what all the adverts for the show say we do not all just like classical music and we dont all just go to classical concerts. ive been to 1 at the school. the posh accents you will hear is editing to make the school look posher than it is. we are not all stuffy uptight people most of the events filmed were scripted in some way, forcing us to wear uniform at tme of day when we wold never wear it. it was quite cool having it filmed here but most of us were unaffected by it
  14. I was there in the mid 80's - early 90's and it was a pretty spartan experience. My first lesson was doing hospital corners on my bed for some idiot matron. Dormitories of 25 with horsehair mattresses and wooden bedboards - no kidding! I think the children's act cleared that all up. As I understand it it is all mobile phones, duvets and bedroom studies - and I occasionally fly over it and have seen some spanking new boarding houses going up. As the school owns half the floorplan of the City of London it also has a lot of cash stowed away - hence the fact that it can be a charitable foundation.

    It is flippin' huge - has it's own railway station for heaven's sake. I heard that in size it is the largest school in the country. Not pupil numbers though. But the sheer scale of the place certainly intimidated me.

    Slightly upset that uniform is no longer worn in Horsham. It was useful for demonstrating that you didn't actually come from Horsham (important to me) and set me up for wearing bizarre and arcane uniform in the Army.

    Snowy - the plates mean that the pupil is on some kind of presentation or scholarship. The CCF was great fun and run by a great RE SSM - but the performing arts thing was mixed. The musical scene was brilliant (I'm not musical) and the school has a full size military band that daily troops the pupils into lunch. The drama thing was nosh and run by a bit of a c*ck.

    Stuck in Bosnia's Largest Mong Farm I haven't seen the series. I imagine they were after a culture clash but the school wasn't that plummy - you'll get some healthy estuarine english accents amongst the HC drawl.
  15. I saw the final episode Sat. night. The kids band ("The Class") opened for Motorhead. And they weren't half bad. There were hugs and tears all around when Simmons said goodbye. I wonder how much the kids were paid? 6 episodes, plus a concert gig would typically command at least a half million at least. You know Simmons cashed in.