Rock Painting

An excellent piece of art work. The POW MIA picture is brilliant. Did you see the POWMIA tribute bike built by orange county choppers? That was an excellent tribute. Aparantly now as brit veterans, we get a lapel badge - cant wait!!
I have to agree a fantastic bit of Art.


I am still trying to work out the Linkage, I understand the importance of the:

1. War of Independence (although the patriots in my book are no different to the AIF in and around Fulluja - tactically or politically).
2. The high value and importance of remembering the MIA/POWs,
3. The main mural addressing sacrifice.

Where I struggle to find linkage is 9/11 and the ubiquitous NYFD. Don't get me wrong, the NYFD best and bravest died on 9/11, but firemen have died before and will die again doing their duty This linkage that many in US have about 9/11 and the wider war on terror, is extremely dangerous not only for those countries in the firing line but also for determining what is victory. Without a clear end-state, the US will bleed itself to death, in terms of Military, economic and political power for a goal that has never been clearly articulated.

9/11 was bad but a similar number of people died in NI 1960-2005, nearly as many died as a result of Katrina, many thousand more died in numerous other conflicts big and small around the world. Maybe it is still too early, and the pain so sharp; but perhaps we all need to reflect on the debate that took place in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 about the causes of the attack. Sadly to me an outside observer of the US people, the images of 9/11 have been tainted by various political agendas both left and right. Sadly the US is becoming more partisan and less cohesive, even what make you American is now being drawn into the debate and with it, one last remaining ideas that has bound the US together is disappearing.

I would welcome any views on these ideas......

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