Rock n Roll my ARRSE

What a poof.

I started drinking at 25
At least 10 years off the pace from where I come from.

I was swearing at people, smashing equipment and acting like a dickhead. I loathed myself.
Thats the whole reason to drink, you muppet.

At my worst I'd do maybe 30 pints of Guinness on a three-day bender.
Guinness is classed as food on a 3 day bender.

Not quite Ozzy Osboure is he?
That's just a fucking warm up the homo....

Wheres the snorting charlie of hookers upturned arses......

driving rollers into swimming pools....

this just confirms something I knew anyway, Snow Patrol are the latest in a bunch of whiny gay useless fucking bands writing dirges for couples to hold hands to...

"Chasing cars".... I wish they'd picked a fucking oncoming one............driven by the members of Keane who were also killed in the resulting pile up.
Christ, He's having a giraffe isn't he? Perhaps ARRSE should extend him an invite to Army Navy Weekend just to show him what a proper weekender is.

If he can count the pints then he's not fecking drunk enough in my book...


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