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Drink has lost its appeal...

What a fookin homo!!
What a poof.

I started drinking at 25

At least 10 years off the pace from where I come from.

I was swearing at people, smashing equipment and acting like a ********. I loathed myself.

Thats the whole reason to drink, you muppet.

At my worst I'd do maybe 30 pints of Guinness on a three-day bender.

Guinness is classed as food on a 3 day bender.

Not quite Ozzy Osboure is he?
"At my worst I'd do maybe 30 pints of Guinness on a three-day bender."

That's just a fucking warm up the homo....

Wheres the snorting charlie of hookers upturned arses......

driving rollers into swimming pools....

this just confirms something I knew anyway, Snow Patrol are the latest in a bunch of whiny gay useless fucking bands writing dirges for couples to hold hands to...

"Chasing cars".... I wish they'd picked a fucking oncoming one............driven by the members of Keane who were also killed in the resulting pile up.
Maybe it's just my sexual preferences but there's no way I would ever go on a bender.
Altho I could be tempted t poke Dr Zoidberg

What a fucking hom. Try drinking like Lemmy you cunt! Then you'd, thankfully, die!
Yes and I might have an occasional drink or three but NO benders.

Though I did find this: Parkhotel Bender

Go to Germany and go on a bender.

And stay in one as well.
Glesga_short_bloke said:
"At my worst I'd do maybe 30 pints of Guinness on a three-day bender."


My thoughts exactly, what a fcuking lightwight!


War Hero
Christ, He's having a giraffe isn't he? Perhaps ARRSE should extend him an invite to Army Navy Weekend just to show him what a proper weekender is.

If he can count the pints then he's not fecking drunk enough in my book...

Not exactly John Bonham then is he?...................fcuking shandy drinking, waste of skin. Oh and by the way, your band is ******* SHITTTTTTTT!
I've only been drunk once...

... started when I was 16, yet to sober up.
30 pints in 3 days???

Ohhhhhhhhh rebel...... :roll:

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