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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by welsh_danny, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wandering if anyone has done the Rock Leader Training Course (RLT)? Is it a good course & what standard you need to be up to before you attend?

    Any hints and tips would be appreciated! lol,


    Dan :)
  2. RLT is a good fun course. It's a week long and at the end of it you either get the plain vanilla RLT qualification, which enables you to set up and supervise three top ropes or one abseil, or you get the RLT with lead caveat, which also allows you to lead another climber (so long as they hold RCP or above) on a single pitch route.

    The starting standard isn't hugely high - some experience of lead climbing is probably necessary to get the lead caveat, and a basic familiarity with climbing equipment and techniques makes it a lot easier.

    The course itself covers setting up top ropes, setting up abseils, problem solving (e.g., what do you do if someone gets their hair caught in their abseil device?) and lead climbing. No multi-pitch climbing is covered.

    Really good course, useful qualification to hold, good way into more advanced climbing skills.

  3. There is an exped to Spain up for grabs via Indy, you need tobe Rock Climbing Proficiency to apply. This will then transpire into 10 days superb climbing including leading, at the end you will be quald, happening in Oct/Nov? give Indy a ring.
  4. Go for it.

    As mentioned above, it doesn't need a huge amount of experience, but you will need a basic understanding of climbing.

    The course is great, and teaches you loads (even if you are already of a decent standard).

    My advice would be to register for the Single Pitch Award with Mountain leader training Uk before you go on the RLT, that way you can get the trainer to sign you off for the civi qual at the same time.

    No one outside the forces recognises the Joint services qualifications, so if you want to work as an instructor in civ div, get the quals paid for by the army.
  5. Unless it has changed bear in minf that RLT is the equivalnet of SPA training not award. However it will still save you a couple of hundred quid on the civi course. All you need to do is register with the MLTB, well worth it.
  6. You do have to pay a little bit for the appropriate sticker, and yes it is for the SPA training. As mcvicar said, it's cheaper than doing it all over again on the civvy side of life.
  7. STOP.... Just a couple of shortfalls here, ensure you have already registered for SPSA Tng and that the JS centre that your doing your RLT at are aware that you wish to do SPSA Tng as well as RLT before you turn up as not every course will be run by an instructor than can give your SPSA Tng sticker.

    Lots turn up on courses and are disappointed that there is no SPSA Tng available for the date of there RLT course, they also turn up hoping to register whilst on course, the flash to bang for registering and getting your paperwork from the civvy MLTB can take up to 2 months during busy periods.

    The RLT and SPSA syllabus are similar but there are things like RLT does not cover using Nuts, wires, Hexs etc to set up your top anchors when fixing lines for activities.

    If you haven't done a lot of climbing don't bust your ass to get the lead caveat if available during the course as this can lead to information overload and a big fat Freddy on assessment day.

    The ability to climb is not really a prerequisite for RLT, neither is poncing about with a chalk bag and Lycra. The award is designed for individuals to safely introduce and conduct climbing and abseiling at unit level , unlike the now defunct TR and A qual it has a shelf life attached.