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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. I was looking at buying this for the kids (ok I come clean, and myself) for christmas on the wii platform, I have seen it on the xbox 360 and it looked very good, anyone else got it or planning to?
  2. A friend of mine has's good fun. I have heard of drum kits that have broken in a short period though.
  3. Yes, I've got it, great fun, the kids'll love it but its best fun with a group of mates and a load of beer, I'm good at the guitar and drums but a sh1t singer, but I do a wicked version of Iron Maiden's 'Run to the Hills'! Some of the songs are really great fun, 'Highway Star' by Deep Purple, 'Won't get Fooled Agin' by the Who, 'Black Hole Sun' by Soundgarden, the selection of music stretches from the 60s to the modern day. When you get good at it, you'll be standing on the back of the sofa, back to the 'audience' with the singer going 'Iiiiii'mmm aaaaaa hiiighwaaaay staaaaar-FCUKIN A, HIT IT RITCHIE!' then leap off and blast into the solo-you do get well carried away like you're a real rockstar and thousands of birds are screaming for your c0ck!

    Basically its rockstar walting, lol...
  4. Its also good fun on the World Tour mode, you set up your band, with personalised characters, choosing their 'attitude' & clothes from Metal, Punk, Goth or Rock, (the metal clothes shop is the best!) and pick a home city, for example we chose London, you start off playing a small venue in London doing london-type songs like 'Should I Stay or Should I go' by The Clash, and then as you do more songs you unlock more venues & cities and get more money to buy more outfits and instruments, for example my guitarist has a Jackson WRG Warrior now, very metal! The only issues are that there are a few tunes on the european version from Germany and France you've never heard of in this country, and that the Rockband guitar peripheral isn't compatible with Guitar Hero, though the Guitar hero peripheral is compatible with Rockband, which is strange but true...
  5. I must concur: every home should have one.

    As a kid, I used to spend dull Sunday afternoons building Airfix models on the dining-room table as my mum and dad slept off their lunch.

    My lot now fight over who's going to play what instrument, do which song etc. so I am 'forced' to join-in.

    Feckin excellent! As the day progresses, I get drunkerer and sing worserer than Tiny Tim. Guitar goes from Slash standards to Acker Bilk standards and my good lady wife resorts to wrestling me away from the bloody thing.

    Guaranteed to break the ice at parties - you'd be surprised at who can shine. Musicians tend to get all confused and huffy, whereas RockWalts(tm) tend to pick it up quite quickly.

    Someone you know will have one - invite yourself to have a go. Take beer.
  6. Cracking fun. No 1 son had a birthday party last month and it really went down a storm.

    Key is to have a decent audio output so one of his mates bought along some stonking active PA speakers. At least we had already told the next doors there was going to be "a bit of teenage party noise...."
  7. This post has made me laugh more than most.
    I have a mental image of fat old Arrser rock guitar walts prancing about the living room in skin tight leather trousers, with Mrs Arrser screaming at them to fcuk off down the pub!

    I'm off to buy one!

    Edited to add picture


    I must remember to buy a big wig with the game.
  8. True, very true, a big telly is a good move for multiple-instrument play as well, my mates Phillips flatscreen seeing heavy use...
  9. Hey, I make my mates refer to me as whichever band member on the instrument and song we're playing is-hence whilst doing Iron maiden I'm Bruce, Deep Purple Ritchie Blackmore, Bowie I'm David...

    Oh god thats sad!
  10. After a bit more research, it seems that the wii version cannot download additional tracks but the 360 version can, to offset this they have released a song list 1 additional disc for £30 for the wii which give or take a couple of quid is about what you would spend on downloads anyway, off to the shops tommorrow then!
    Cheers fellas
  11. Just to warn you off, I know that they releasing a new Rock Band for the 360, with a different guitar and cymbals added to the drum kit. Sorry but I do not know the date for release.
  12. The 360 Version can download virtually any song youd care to listen to!! A few weeks ago, after a few beers too many, me + a few mates decided to try and get it on down the local on the big screen (thinking wed be told to fcuk off) after much deliberation we were allowed on the basis that we kept it down....few songs later and half the pub are stood around singing, doing air guitar/drums and asking for a go!! Great fun.
  13. Please don't encourage Barrack Room Lawyer! Tell him its crap so he won't bring it on next ADE, Bloody PTIs and their imaginitive games!
  14. I played this the other day on a mates console. Have never been much of a computer gamer but I'm deffo going to get this for xmas for the kids :oops: Well me really. I wanna do this:
  15. Ub's, do you honestly think I would let some of the neanderthals in our unit get their mitts on it?