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Names changed in a futile attempt to protect the innocent :

A Worthing soldier[sic] will receive the Military Cross from the Prince of Wales today in recognition of his bravery in Afghanistan.

Flight Lieutenant Matt Cash, 32, of the Royal Air Force Regiment, served as a forward air controller is described as having been "critical" in destroying Taliban positions.

Flt Lt Cash's citation reads: "On 4 June 2006, Flight Lieutenant Matthew Cash of the Royal Air Force Regiment was deployed with 16 Air Assault Brigade on an operation against a suspected Taliban compound outside the town of Now Zad in Helmand Province.

"During the first of three contacts, Flight Lieutenant Cash coordinated and directed close and accurate attack helicopter fire support with devastating effect on the Taliban.

"During the last contact, he left his vehicle, fearlessly exposing himself to significant risk as he forced his way to the front of the firefight to join the forward troops.

"This enabled him to direct aerial cannon fire against a determined enemy 30 metres in front of him.

"This was essential given the ferocious weight of the incoming fire from the Taliban. His direction of these engagements proved critical, destroying the enemy location completely on one occasion.

"He remained with the lead dismounted elements of patrols platoon and took part in the immediate compound clearance.

"During this time Cash repeatedly risked his life in order to enable the patrols platoon to regain the initiative.

"On July 14, Flight Lieutenant Cash participated in a battle group operation to capture or kill a high value Taliban leader.

"During the insertion to the helicopter landing site the first wave of Chinooks was heavily engaged by Taliban machine gun and RPG fire, forcing the aircraft to lift off after only 20 seconds on the ground.

"Cash was still onboard one of the Chinooks, but he realised the vital role he would have to play in calling in air support to suppress the enemy, so he jumped some 15 feet from the tail ramp into the darkness.

"Immediately he got into the cover of a nearby ditch and called in an aircraft to counter the principal threat of an enemy machine gun.

"He controlled the aircraft's heavy attacks, which were close to his own location, and destroyed the Taliban position only a few metres away.

"As a result, the remaining aircraft were able to land the rest of the battle group, and the mission was successfully completed.

"Flight Lieutenant Cash 's gallantry was again decisive, and his selfless actions have been recognised by the award of the Military Cross."

When the award was announced Flt Lt Cash told The Sentinel, our sister paper in Worthing: "I was so busy thinking about what I had to do I didn't give much thought to the consequences.

"You accept there is a risk there, you do the best you can to do your job and the training gets you through. "We were very much going over there to try to bring some security to the Afghans in Helmand, which is incredibly lawless.

"The Taliban were stopping us doing this. The only thing to do was to start to defend ourselves."

Bravo Zulu that gallant airperson :D

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