Rock Against Racism a fallacy?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joe_Private, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. And listening to all the Rap Crap turns you into a Wigger,,,innit bluuud,,,However listening to Jazz makes you mellow and nice......
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  2. Every time I listen to Bruce Springsteen I think how nice it would be if New Jersey were destroyed in a thermonuclear conflagration. Not sure whether that's actually racist or not.
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  3. Listening to rock music doesnt make you a racist. Afro centrics and black nationalists and pc white guiltists say that so you favour black music and then they think if you favour their music then you will except them which isnt true.
  4. It's the fault of everyone who isn't white as obviously not enough non whites play Rock and heavy metal music.

    (of course it'll be the fault of white people for not recruiting enough non-whites into rock bands. maybe I can blame Simon Cowell?)
  5. I have been to a few gigs against racism and stuff; such as a Rock for Kurland gig and I can definately say that it's a whole load of cobblers! Most of the people who go along don't give a hoot about whatever the "cause" is. To them it's just another gig. They only care about; who's playing, who's going, where it is, when it is and how much it will cost. These trendy "causes" are mostly just an advertising gimick, sometimes used to help a promoter to get an entertainent licence for an odd time or venue.
  6. well, singing the blackmans blues music gave that mick jagger n*gger lips didnt it????

    its all the devils tunes fault, must be true, parental influence and peer group pressure would in no way affect ones views....
  7. I listen to rock all the time and I love everyone who is white
  8. What else are they going to come up with to say we are racist? If i don't fuck a black man does that make me racist?
  9. If by ''they' you mean bloody fools who never shut up about race, then the answer is, everything.

    If a black man steals or sells drugs it's because the racist society stopped him getting a job as an accountant.

    If a black man murders his wife it's because of the rage inside him from suffering racism.

    If a black man is a dolie all his life it's because the racist education system gave him low expectations.
  10. I like rock and metal, always have.

    Saying that, so did Smudge.....the dirty racist.
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  11. Well every time I listen to my So Solid Crew albums, I just want to go out, eat chicken, fuck white women and play basketball.

    Dat don' make me no racist, none...honkies.
  12. Have they cured cancer, malaria and AIDS yet?

    No you say? Well why the fuck are they doing these bollocks 'experiments' then?
  13. Because these experiments are much much easier to do than curing cancer, malaria and AIDS.

    Anyone know if there is a corresponding study done with standard MOBO music?