Rochdale man 'took 200 fireworks on US plane'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. BBC News Manchester
    An airline passenger claims he was allowed to take more than 200 fireworks on two flights in the United States.

    Paul Jones, 29, from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, flew across the US from Kansas to Houston and back to the UK with a bag of bangers - and a lighter.

    It was only at Heathrow Airport that officials expressed concern, he said.

    Continental Airlines said it did not have a record of the incident, but that it warned customers about hazardous materials prohibited on aircraft.

    Bangers, which are explosives packed in a small tube, are banned from sale in the UK under The Fireworks (Safety) Regulation 1997.

    US Federal law prohibits hazardous materials, such as fireworks, from being included in either checked in or carry-on baggage.

    Mr Jones had been visiting Wichita, Kansas, during US Independence Day celebrations on 4 July and was left with the bag of Black Cat fireworks.

    BBC News - Rochdale man 'took 200 fireworks on US plane'
  2. Another idiot joins the deportation queue to face US Federal charges...
  3. You couldnt make it up if you tried.
  4. This one is still way up that list:

    "An investigation has been launched into how two men were able to board a British Airways plane with a generator full of petrol.
    The Boeing 737 flight, which left Naples bound for Gatwick had to be diverted after passengers smelled fumes."

    "The two men were believed to be Irish musicians who said they needed the fuel for a portable generator for their electric guitar amplifiers."

    BBC NEWS | UK | Inquiry into petrol flight emergency
  5. No, he's a patriot. The "bangers" were in fact pyrotechnics for an impromptu missile defence system to be lit and chucked overboard if some evil doer fired a SAM at the plane.
  6. LOL.

    They pass airport security,and the fumes were smelt by passengers.Not even the air hostesses picked up the smell of the petrol filled generator.People wonder why bad things happen!
  7. Just proves even in this day and age of ever evolving intelligence, theres still ******* idiots out there.
  8. Musicians? Dids syphoning the AVTUR more like. I never realised that the Dear Leader had banned bangers. I wondered why I hadn't had any through my letterbox since... er... 1997.