Rochdale Grooming Gang

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizmo17, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. The report on the failures of Both Police and Social Workers in dealing with this seems to be pulling its punches as to why they chose not to act.

    Cant but help get the feeling the fear of being accused of being a racist led to many looking the other way Others may know better?
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  2. Link, press piece, something to substantiate the statement, or a picture of a pie please?
  3. Well, some years before this all became very public C4 were going to show a documentary about it and the police got it stopped. I do recall talk of community relations being an issue. Whether it was to do with investigations who knows but nothing was actually done until some years later.
  4. Well community relations does have something to do with it whether anyone likes it ir not.

    I remember on here when they when the gang hit the headlines people were jumping up and down - bloody muslims etc etc which presumably was the predictable reaction plod were trying to tiptoe around happening in real life.

    This influx of muslim immigrants is all new to everyone and although they definitely got it wrong in this case there is no DS sheet saying how to do it properly, it's a question of working it out on the spot.

    As for pies, 3.142 etc.....
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  5. I also recall the police said there was no racial element but I'm sure a judge or CPS or similar said this was nonsense.
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  6. It was a racist crime committed by 9 Muslims on at least eight Christian girls.If they had groomed and abused Muslim girls they would have had their balls cut of by the community.At least one of the girls was known to be only 10yrs old.Bastards the lot.
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  7. Isn't that a racist remark? The Sensitivity Police will be visiting you between the hours of 10am and 2pm.
  8. If they'd been teachers instead of Mussies half this site would be up in arms.
  9. Grooming gang? Turns out that's something entirely different to what I thought...
  10. No some of us here realise that the age of consent in this country is 16 and anyone under that age is a child . I'm also guessing the cops done bugger all because the victims in question were " chav scum " and how often does that phrase get thrown around here ?
  11. Until the CPS/Social Services/ and especially Plod ...... persue the letter of the law without fear or favour [not pandering to a minority of any colour/religious persuasion] then there will always be problems of this sort.
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  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It was several gangs of "Men of Pakistani Origin" - along with 1 x Afghan illegal immigrant. There were no Sikhs, Hindus, Nepalis, Bengalis, Sri Lankans, or even Indian Muslims involved (there's more Muslims in India than in Pakistan, oddly enough).

    Conclusion? Nothing to do with religion - but EVERYTHING to do with stone-age barbaric customs and a way of life (I won't call it a 'culture' - there's more culture in a yoghurt) that denigrates and abuses women.
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  13. What he said, and don't eat kebabs in Blackpool unless you're sure white girl is halal.

    Missing girl's body 'put into kebab' - Telegraph
  14. Anybody want to bet that the repercusions won't go any further than a statement about "Lesson's learnt...."

    There are Police Officers and social workers who should be going to jail for their wilful neglect of their duty.
    Their duty to protect children, lets cut the Chav bullshit.
    Whoever decided that these children had made a lifestyle choice should not just be sacked but be arrested for assisting paedophiles to abuse children.

    Police and social workers gave a green light to child abuse by deciding it was the fault of the victims and ignoring it for years.
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