Rochdale Council - travel expenses for using a lift

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Where are Sven and Ashie when you need them.

    These payments started 20 years ago therefore they are all Maggie's fault. Conservative sleaze and waste - spark up the outrage
  2. FFS, why did they EVER get these payments in the first place?! They're not working in the Empire State Building - fcuking WALK you lazy cnuts!
  3. Now don't get me wrong - I think that there is no need for these allowances and so they should now be scrapped, but . . . . . .

    Surely these allowances are in fact minutes taken off the amount of time they work - so the bods at the top of the building can hit their desks at 09:04 instead of 09:00, and leave them at 16:56.

    How long does the average fag break last - longer than 4 minutes I'll bet.
  4. Nobody thought about clocking machines at the front door area?
  5. Well, with this quote, i can understand the reasoning:

    When you clock in, you are deemed on the premises and when you clock out you are deemed no longer on the premises. Therefor, in an emergency clock cards are checked, if you have clocked out and are stuck in the lift / dieing on the bog etc., as far as the company and emergency services are concerned you are not there.

    Non story as usual. :roll:
  6. could turn up a few minutes early?
  7. Depends on how they are paid. If by clocking on early, they are deemed to be on overtime, is this going to be more than than what the 'lift allowance' is? Also, unions would take a dim view, on what would be termed 'enforced overtime'; which is illegal.

  8. Some of the laziest cvnts I've ever known worked for councils, they have slacking down to an artform.
  9. Not quite, IMHO. To people of my generation this is a historical curio - the fact that people seriously wasted time on such nugatory negotiation and lacking any focus on delivering value.

    Its a relic of a bygone age - hopefully we're past such crap as we collectively work our way out of recession.
  10. Let me see you have a parade so you're dawdling about in the general direction of the square five or ten minutes after it started. Are you on time, have you started work or not?

    Fecking slackers the lot of them. Job starts at your desk briefed and ready to go anything less is gross misconduct and should be treated as such.

    Or am I being harsh?