Robust civvie daysack to carry 30-40lb?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Glasgow_Jock, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Alright fellas.

    Looking for a robust civvie daysack that I can use to load up with weight so that I can beast myself silly hiking all over the local hills. Did a brief search of QM forum and saw that Berghaus Freeflow / Dart / Munro were regularly mentioned, though unsure which one would be best.

    Anyone with experience of said products or similar that could recommend a daysack where the stitching / shoulder straps etc won't come away after a few miles? Budget not an issue, not bothered about side compartments etc. just a hard wearing reasonably comfortable daysack I can fill up.

    Much obliged.
  2. Berghaus Munro will easily last well enough - I can't speak for the others. I suggest that you go to a shop and try them all on and see which one you prefer. Make sure that you put some weight into the bag before you try it on though.

  3. Go to a large outdoor shop armed with your MOD 90 and a sandbag full of gravel and try stuff on until you're happy. They may even give you a discount.
  4. Couple of reviews here might be the sort of pack you are looking for:

    I have one of the Sabre-45 in black, I cut off some of the superfluous strapping and had a black med-pouch sewn on the back.

    I'm 5' 10 and the 45 fits fine, I think some military-type packs (eg Berghaus Munro) fit best on top of webbing and so may be too short in the back-length (especially for tall people) for a comfortable carry.
  5. Berghaus Munro is an excellent daysack!
  6. Interesting to hear. I'm 5ft 9in myself with quite a wide back / large frame as I've read some bags tend to favour people of a certain weight / frame.

    Still a civvie at the moment so no discount for me & hence why I'd prefer a civvie bag (as I'd feel like a twat cutting about in DPM / army gear even if it is the best for load bearing).

    Thanks everyone so far for your recommendations.
  7. I use a berghaus freeflow and its pretty awesome in summer at keeping my back (relatively) dry. I find it quite comfortable too, but it will vary person to person of course.

    I would say not to forget other bag manufacturers, there are plenty of good quality bags out there, trying several will give you a good idea of what to choose.
  8. craghoppers fairly bomb proof been regularly abused and not broken in 5 year
    murno the same although its is the squaddies choice of pack so more paramilitary than civi
  9. Good to hear - forgot to add I sweat profusely aswell when hiking (and that's not even carrying anything yet in cold / mild spring-time) so looking for something that's good at wicking away the excess moisture.
  10. Just to let you know the berghaus freeflow does have a curved plastic backboard which encroaches on the space available inside the bag, and the board is not bomb-proof (its plastic, so kind of to be expected).

    Outdoors magic have some reviews of packs. Also there are great guides to buying packs, easy and quick to read to give you an idea of what to look for when inspecting possible bags.
  11. Snug pak roket pack is pretty bomb proof .
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I agree but I wouldn't use it to go tabbing on the hills with that amount of weight in it. There are better, more technical daysacks out there that will do the job much more efficiently than a Munro. Trouble is, there are so many that it's nigh on impossible to recommend any particular one and it often comes down to brand loyalty - for me anyway!
  13. Bought a DPM Berghaus Munro from the PRI in 1983. Rebuilt by Berghaus twice (for free) so still going strong.

    The thing I like about Munros is that they are not festooned with straps and padded waistbelts, etc - i.e. they're voluminous (single compartment) yet nice and snag-free if you're carrying them on an aircraft/vehicle/strapped to the top of a bergan.

    Used my Munro for three different types of selection beat-up, so have no complaints about the tabbing potential......
  14. Karrimor Sabre 45 is pretty good. Has seen good service through Op Tours with myself and others. The latest version has the PLCE clips so you can attach the issued camelbak, as well as zips to attch PLCE rocket pouches.
    A mate altered his older version by fixing the front pouch off a bergan onto the front of the daysack. He is, however, quite envious of the newer model which I have :D
  15. I have a karrimor 35L which I like because of the solid feel and the single clip closing lid. If a few years old so doesnt have a bladder space but Im sure that the newer one does.

    Mainly now use an Osprey. Its great. Much more stable for scrambling or stuff like that and lots more cubby holes for bits and bobs. Them sell them in Cotswolds