Robust case for HTC One X?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Given that Otterbox is not available in the UK, can anyone recommend a decent case for the One X?

    Does not need to be CBRN proof, but something to stop it breaking when I dress up as a soldier.


  2. I have an otterbox also.

    You can get them off ebay cheap enough.
  3. I had an much older model, an HTC Hero and my experience was that it was fairly robust (it survived multiple drops when drunk and a good soaking when caught out running). Also can't beat an android op system in my opinion.

    Nearly went for it, but decided on the fancier (although perhaps more fragile) Galaxy S3
  4. If you can log onto Arrse, you can get an Otterbox via Amazon, Christ, BB, you can be a slackarrse sometimes!!
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  5. Just realised you meant a case for your phone -not a case for buying one. Doh!
  6. Have Krusell brought out a One X case yet? those are usually quite decent. At the moment I've just got a protective shell and stick on screen protector on mine that I got from Amazon for less than 6 quid. Wouldnt mind something more substantial in the long term though.
  7. But both say they will send as soon as they get them....Not we dont stock them anymore...You 'Tard!

    ****!!! I must remember to quote next time....even from my poxy phone...
  8. Would you buy something that is out of stock, with no date stated for when the stock will arrive?

    My money is on you not doing so.
  9. It states that you can order them and will only actually be billed when they are actually in stock..... My money stays in the bank until its needed!
  10. I'm not disputing that fact.

    I wouldn't buy anything unless I knew when the stock would arrive. Especially if it were a phone case that you'd want to arrive sooner rather than later.