Robots ready to support soldiers on the battlefield

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. From the Guardian today - very interesting development by the Yanks - gucci kit indeed:

  2. Well that's the future of the TA secured! :D
  3. Septic Version


    Brit version after the MOD have had a look
  4. Can the 'eye' withstand 7.62mm... if not then one SVD could blind it???
  5. Did we not learn anything from the terminator films? SKYNET!!!!!! Do you really want a few thousand Arnold Schwarzennegger look a likes roaming the earth? I think not...

    On a serious not though I do not think humans will ever be fully replaced by machines...its just not cricket is it? and it would be too expensive (so expect lots from the septics).
  6. Too true... does it come with realistic mouth, vag and anus?
  7. this is the sort of battlefield support I want :D[​IMG]
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Stupid Question Of The Year Award, maybe?
  9. Is there a robot to haul out and attatch the winch cable?
  10. I heard that when the Yanks deployed the SWORDS drone in Iraq, one of the things the insurgents hit upon was paying a local kid $10 to run out and chuck a blanket over the robot's camera, and then an older guy would run up close and destroy it with a grenade, leaving the operator the choice of a) turning the gun on a kid, and thus prompting 'Evil Yanks Massacre Children with Terminator-style robots' headlines or b) losing the robot, whereas an infantryman could just give the kid a clip round the earhole and send him on his way...
  11. Feckers must have stolen the idea from the 'Mule' in Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter on the Play Station 8)


    Check out the walking version of the U.S. Military:

    Big Dog
  12. I reckon them 'Mule' style cargo carriers are going to be far more useful than independant armed robots, we should be looking at using robots to enhance rather than replace the infantryman, them armed robots would be more useful for like a Fire Support group role, like a mini-WMIK carrying a .50-cal or to carry ammo or evacuate casualties (couldn't you have like an armoured pod you could put a casualty in and extract him to the medics under fire) rather than patrolling on foot amongst the local population...
  13. How about a new Robot Wars series? Where the robots actually do go to war.

    BBC2 7:00pm
    Craig Charles presents a new series of Robot Wars. This week - Sir Killalot takes on the Taliban.
  14. That'd be a good one-get the ten best teams from Robot Wars, give them a £1million budget that they can spend at their discretion, then get an MoD-managed team with a £100million to spend under civil service rules, and see who comes up with the best moneys on the non-bureaucratised enthusiasts...
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    What about a RW fan who ended up bureaucratised (Christ it just took me ages to spell that... and I was copying it from above! I need a kip) but still has that childlike enthusiasm?

    Seriously, when that IPT gets formed I'm applying.

    As for the evacuation pod idea, I think that's pure genius. Also should be quite a simple development in comparison. All it needs is GPS to get it home, the usual gubbins for not running kids over in the street, comfy suspension, a bit of room and enough power to flee like buggery back to base before the casualty bleeds out. When not in use (hopefully all the time) you can load it up with supplies and it follows you around.

    Downside: letting it bugger off alone makes it a target, and an undefended one at that. And if it breaks down, the guy's in all sorts of shit.