Robots, Mech's Tech and the future that is here!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Robbo_72, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. This is rather cool, The possibilities are endless, Watch the full thing:

    I can see the RAF complaining about having a swarm of them little feckers replacing the Red Arraz
  2. Then there is this fella, Not bad for a geeky brit :clap::


    You know something like that would end up "lost in procurement" for 20 years.....
    But get the thing sped up a bit, Add a .50 RWS, Couple of Starstreak, Hellfire and a slab of chobham and maybe some SLAT to make not look too scary.......I reckon we could have a winner there ;P
  3. That Mantis is a bit shit though, what do you recon, 2 maybe 3mph, room for one in a glass bubble, less armour than a Volvo, joints an M4 could damage and hydraulic cables everywhere.

    As much use as tits on a nun.
  4. This madness for miniaturisation has gone quite far enough I think........


    .....quite shocking.....!
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  5. Every design has to start somewhere. Look at the really shitty designs for Guns when they first appeared. For an example we can use Agincourt, 10,000 dead from a bit of string and two sticks. One killed by a Firearm.
  6. Right but Abrahams vs mantis, it's like taking an original cannon and saying look at the trebuchet.
  7. At the moment yes, its hard to see how a mech can be better. Of course it all depends on how technology advances. But even then the laws of physics (especially Gravity) are going to be a pain to beat.

    I'm sure Mechs will find a role, most likely not in the gun waving armoured monsters of their creators dreams. One idea I did hear was using them for flood rescue. Where a combination of debris, water and weather makes all current forms of transport unusable.