Robotic Exoskeleton

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by curryhead, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. CNN clicky

    Very impressive feedback mechanism(s). Robert Heinlein would be proud.

  2. Can't stand watching vids like that when all we hear from our mob are cutbacks. I'm bordering on being outraged (but not quite there yet)
  3. Video without annoying ads.
    Youtube link

    I agree with you skintboymike.
    I wonder what it will be used for in the military besides infantry?

    REME / RE: Remove, replace heavy parts and construction material quickly. Less need for small cranes?

    Medical: One man in a suit to remove wounded instead of two or more?
    Anyone have ideas?
  4. Er, the running speed was hardly greased racing snake. I mean pulling your enemy's limbs from his torso is cool as feck of course, but I can't see the average infantryman swapping mobility for it.

    Lifting Rovers out of ditches?
    Juggling medicine balls?
    Turning parked cars over while slatted?
    Getting free games on the pool table?
    Doing yourself a grevious injury indulging in some sexual experimentation?
  5. Am I the only one who looked at the model of the advanced suit, complete with armour, and thought: Halo! Master Chief!! :D 8) it was just me then... :oops:
  6. If the U.S. military's vision of the future is even half-right, Britain's armed forces will have their work cut out trying to keep up.

    Even comparatively understated attempts to improve our troops' battlefield technology, such as the Bowman digital battlefield radio system, have been blighted by years of delays and embarrassing technical blunders.

    P.S check the link before you comment on what i post.
  7. lol... no i was like..."aint that the helo suit?"
  8. Mobility increase slated for Service Pack 1. :)
  9. I remember reading about how another interesting application of exoskeletons is a "Return to base" command if the soldier inside is severely wounded or unconscious.

    I agree with Bert_Preast though. Mobility is a form of protection on its own. Until a soldier wearing such an exoskeleton can be as mobile as someone without, they're just sitting ducks (albeit strong ones).

    RPGs and .50 calibre weapons would go through any conceivable armour we could fit on that thing, with current materials technology.
  10. Good point. Speed is more important than brute strength. As the old Boxing saying goes "Power thrills but Speed kills".
  11. "He who shoots and runs away, lives to shoot another day." :D :wink:
  12. Even if they do get it into service, it could never be adopted widespread. Can you imagine all of the army or even all of the infantry with these?

    Imagine the cost, imagine us all becoming ineffective if we aren't resupplied batteries every so often, and imagine the support services/REME expanding hugely to keep the things working, making the combat arms an even smaller proportion of the Army!

    My view: if they DO get something into service and workable, MoD will do something like buy a companies worth per brigade. This'll be enough to equip some soldiers with who will take on the riskiest tasks, reducing casualties and keeping public opinion high in any future war. Then, when the war moves to the PSO/COIN phase, expect this to be used as OSPREY is now - an in theatre option, as conditions dictate, with a few sets over here for training.

    Could this be handy for EOD though? A big robot like that could carry a lot of armour on its front...
  13. do you think one of those armoured things the presenter showed at the end could include its own NBC protection?
  14. CNN's breaking News? Hardly, I posted this on here last week: