Robotic ball that chases burglars

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. We really are entering the age where robots will rule the world! 8O

  2. As seen in the sixties TV series 'The Prisoner':


    The ball ('rover') was launched whenever an inmate tried to escape from The Village. It was capable of travelling over any surface, though the actual method of capturing escapees was never shown.

  3. Will it come equiped with a Tulzla? device, 50,000 volts right up the jacksy, that'll sort the fcukers out
  4. Viro,

    Im sure that Rover would cover and suffocate the escapee until he/she was rendered unconcious.

    I can still picture Patrick McGowans face covered in thin plastic.

    Spooky indeed.

  5. Speaking of the prisoner, has anyone seen the simpsons parody of that show. Very funny. They all get transported to a mysterious island and everytime homer tries to escape he gets chase by a ball and drugged into submission


    Anyway, back onto subject. :D
  6. 'The Ruum', by Arthur Porges, was first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1953.

    An alien starship is forced to abandon a device on Earth. Much later, a solo hunter in the Canadian Rockies comes across something strange -

    'It was like some enterprising giant's outdoor butcher shop: a great assortment of animal bodies , neatly lined up in a triple row ... those nearest him were ordinary deer, bear, cougars and mountain sheep ... but down the line were strange, uncouth, half-formed hairy beasts ...

    [no deliberate reference to the Royal Marines intended here, I believe]

    ... beyond them a nightmare conglomeration of reptiles.

    ... for a second it seemed that a half-filled leather sack of mercury had rolled into the clearing. For the quasi-spherical object moved with just such a fluid motion. But it was not leather; and what at first appeared a disgusting wartiness, turned out on closer scrutiny to be more like the functional projections of some outlandish mechanism ... it rolled towards him at a speed of about five miles an hour. And from its purposeful advance, the man had no doubt that it meant to add him to the pathetic heap of specimens.'

    Now, trust me on this - you would not want to go anywhere near this gadget, as the rest of the story makes even morer abundantly clear.
  7. I just bought the prisoner on DVD, great buy.
  8. I remember that television series. It acquired a cult following over here.

    It showed:

    ** a prison camp artfully disguised as a resort community,

    ** presided over by a sham-benevolent tyranny whose dearest wish was to make sure that no one had a private thought in their heads, and

    ** controlled people by means of inescapable electronic surveillance, idiotic slogans and incessant propaganda.

    Obviously just a load of rubbish. I mean, nothing like that could ever happen in real life.
  9. whatever could you mean? :D