Robot Sex

A man goes to see his mate during lunch, who works as head of a big fancy company. Outside his office is a stunning woman who smiles and guides the man inside the office. Once inside, he greets his mate and says, 'Fuck me, thats one fit bird out there.'

'She's a robot mate, the latest from Japan.'
'Fuck off!' the man exclaims.
'She is,' the man persisted, 'if you squeeze her left tit she dictates, if you squeeze the right one, she types. She even fucks!'
'Well, can I give her a test?' asked the man.
'Sure you can. Use my office.'

Well the man takes the robot cutie inside the office whilst the other bloke waits outside. After about thirty seconds there's a scream from inside the room and the man thinks, 'SHIT! I forgot to tell him that her arse is a pencil sharpener!'

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