Robot infantry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by artois, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Bob Quinn (General Manager of Foster-Miller of Waltham, Massachusetts), whose armed robot, called Sword, was certified "safe for use" by the US forces in the coming months, said in the New Scientist Magazine 21 Sep 06:
  2. May I suggest field trials in one or two of our inner cities?
  3. Well, it's designed for urban combat zones so why not?
  4. I have seen this weapons platform on a programme on the Discovery program, and it is very impressive. However the only downfall is the man at the end of the radio control unit. If he can't distinguish between friend or foe, then what use is it!
  5. Where does the Bergan go?

    Infantry my arrse, it hasn't got scim on it.
  6. Maybe that's why it was certified as 'safe for use' by US forces. It's just lethal for absolutely everyone else.
  7. can they make it look like a Dalek? Now THAT would be scary tracking down the middle of Basra!
  8. Fcuk me - and there was me thinking that this was the FRES prototype or Challenger-III....mind you with DPA who knows!!!
  9. Like this?

  10. If it is being designed by septics no doubt it will have 'Friendly fire' programmed into its capabilities 8O
  11. Just call it hal and get it to say "I can't let you do that dave." when anyone tries to switch it off. THAT would be scary!!! ;-)
  12. I see two main problems. Can it post on ARRSE? Will it get the drinks in when on the waz?
  13. does it know any good songs?
  14. I reckon even the house 'bots in Robot wars would rip that thing apart.

  15. Does it have any perversions or a tendancy to not understand civvies? :twisted: