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Robme 2

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Hi gang I’m back.
inspite of Arties mangling of the rules of the Arse-hole, I have returned.
So i’v a big update planned for all you Von wankstains, who resorted to lying and making things up (nothing new there then) and the Brigade of LMFers. So that you can catch up and none your pertinent questions would be ignored. But that’s for later.
The great news is I’v got to self isolate for 12 weeks as I’m falling to bits, so that means I have more time to spend on my PhD Criminology and Arrse, calm down bluffers it’s only the Internet.
So until I return adie hose monchatchoes. As they said it’s what it says on the tin.
Aaaawwww poor baby in need of more attention, bless you, coochie coochie coo!
Not open for further replies.

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