Robin Williams in Kuwait

Robin Williams has been a big supporter of our USO program. He was the starter in the first act I attended on my first ever deployment, and although I couldn't understand half his jokes (the event was held inside a hangar--ECHO-Echo-echo) he was both hilarious and sincere. I will always be greatful.

Here's a video of Mr. Williams on another USO tour. Retreat begins to play right after the begining of his act. Great respect for the man...
"Starter in the first act"? Christ, how long did the show go on for? :D

He's renowned for long sets - if you've ever seen his "Inside the Actors' Studio", it's the only one they had to split over two shows!

Half of his jokes miss their target, but he's that quick you still p!ss yourself over the other half.
If he was the opening act, the finale had better have involved a donkey, some Thai girls and a couple of boxes of ping pong balls...
I've seen that act - the donkey was rubbish
The ping pong balls were very good though....

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