Robin Hood

Watched it on Saturday and was wondering how long it will be before some-one from the put upon Muslim community decides its anti Islam.What with all the remarks about the Crusades and King Richard The Lionheart surely this programme was put out just to upset our Muslim friends.

Everything else to-day seems to upset them just wondered how long before Robin is seen as a figure to hate.
The show was soo feckin bad, i don't know how anyone could take it seriously!!

I kept waiting for a punch line, was horrifically cringy!!
It was so bad that even Mrs M doesn't want to watch the next one.
Good underlying subtext but a little bit preachy for my tastes.
Having said that Sat Evening tv is so bad i'll probable watch it anyway to see if Marion gets her Chebs out.................
Well stuff you lot, I enjoyed it.....but then I am very easily pleased. The only people who could take offence would be the loony PC brigade who think "this might offend someone, I had best complain before they get offended"..

Your not one of them are you easy?
It was shoite but i kinda liked it.

Especially enjoyed the references to the Crusades and Richard the Lionheart - it is OUR history after all.
No way sniffer not me,but what with Muslim Coppers,Veils,The Popes speach and now BBC making reference to the Crusades it won't be long before they come out of the woodwork.

To right Bossdog,I enjoyed it,it was a bit tongue in cheek but Marion is a right cracker,they'll have her wearing a veil next episode !!!!
Well my 4 yr old son thought it was good, but I considered the whole shebang a festering pile of poo. As for the moon faced doris pretending to be Marian, that girl needs a good kicking just on general principles, and the sulky little cnut playing Robin is a lynching waiting to happen.

Apparently she's not known as Maid Marian, cos the beeb wanted to make the story "more relevant to today's audience". So expect the longbows to be replaced with Uzis and Robin inda Hood will no doubt be poppin a cap in the Sherriff's ass in a future episode...

(Settles back into chesterfield, rustling Torygraph)
Biggest pile of 5hit ive seen in feking ages. Who the fek was it aimed at. Unfunny and not entertaining at all. And if I hear another Feking "Swooshh" place title come in at the bottom of the screen I`m kicking Marion in the crotch. :x
The only thing good to come out of watching Robin Hood was my girlfriend asked if I wanted her to dress up as maid Marian.
Any one notice how clean all the actors where?
The acting was shite, the costums where shite, and the script was fecking shite.

For me the only Robin is Robin of Sherwood
Whats with the recurved bow? I thought he used a trademark long bow.

Mind you as bad as it is the new Marian is worth a squert.

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