Robin Hood’ dishes out Nato booty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Robin Hood’ dishes out Nato booty

    Dean Nelson and Daud Khattak in Peshawar
    A Taliban “Robin Hood”, who distributes cut-price food from Nato convoys to the poor, is disrupting supply lines to British and US troops in Afghanistan.

    In an audacious raid in Pakistan’s border region last week, two American Humvee armoured personnel carriers and 10 lorries laden with food were seized by Taliban fighters.

    In the past year the Taliban have increased attacks on convoys carrying hardware, food and oil as they make their way from Karachi to Peshawar and through the Khyber Pass.

    Lorry-loads of hijacked grain have been sold off cheaply in local markets and the Humvees paraded as war “booty”, giving the rebels a propaganda boost. More than 30 tankers with fuel bound for allied forces have been destroyed in bomb attacks on the road this year.
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  2. Distributes it to the poor, or sells it to fill his own pockets?

    They want bloody shooting either way.
  3. Nah they got that wrong Robin Hood was a Sgt in Asqn 17/21 Lancers, I remember when the Sheriff of Notingham gave him a pardon
  4. What happened to the drivers/crews?
  5. And now compare it with a proposed distribution of mobile phones! Which one is going to score higher in a game for "hearts and minds"?
  6. Given that they were locals, I doubt anybody cares.

    Significant part of the reason why 'our' policy in Iraq and Afghanistan hasn't any chance of 'real' success.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Giving Hummers to the locals are the yanks? Thats nice of them.
  8. Given that - hard as this is to believe - 50% of the population of Africa have mobiles, your understandable assumption that they would leap for the food my be somewhat off. Just because they live in caves doesn't mean they don't want 500 texts for $10.
  9. That's what's implied in The Times article. If you doubt the veracity, feel free to question them yourself.
  10. Saw a piece on the news about supply lines being hit and a lot of US kit being sold openly in markets in Peshawar - uniforms, binos, the works.
  11. Depends on how hungry they are I guess.
  12. Or they could use the phones to order Dominos?
  13. To put it another way, are the crews Afghan Nationals? Were they killed. wounded or captured? Were the Convoys 'hard' ambushed?

    Because if there is in fact 'nod and a wink' ambushing' of the convoys, then we're just re-equipping the Taliban aren't we.
  14. The Times article said the drivers and guards all surrendered once ambushed. You decide. :)
  15. Maybe we could arrange for some typhoid infected blankets and baby food laced with broken glass to be 'hijacked'.