Robin Cook dies


The former Cabinet minister Robin Cook is seriously ill in hospital after a an accident while he was out hill walking, reports say.
It is believed that he was taken ill near the summit of Ben Stack mountain, near an area known as Laxford Bridge in north-western Scotland.

He was flown by helicopter to hospital in Inverness, and is understood to have received resuscitation en route.

Mr Cook quit as Commons leader in March 2003, in protest over the war in Iraq.

Mr Cook was said to be with a companion at the time he was taken ill.

Robin Cook was flown from Ben Stack to Inverness

Mr Cook was appointed the shadow health secretary in 1989 and became the shadow trade and industry secretary in 1992.

In 1994, he became the shadow foreign secretary, a position he held until the 1997 election.

After Labour's landslide win, he entered the Cabinet as foreign secretary.

A Cabinet reshuffle after the 2001 Labour victory saw him replaced at the Foreign Office by Jack Straw, with Mr Cook instead given the job of Leader of the Commons.

He resigned that position in the lead-up to the conflict in Iraq in protest over Tony Blair's decision to go to war.

He has been an outspoken critic of the government's foreign policy from the backbench.

On his personal website, he describes himself as a keen follower of horse racing. He is also a keen walker and cyclist.

The 721m-high Ben Stack is popular with hill-walkers

Lets hope that the Ginger Goblin makes a recovery. He was an impressive thorn in Bliar's side and made an honourable stance against the Iraq War.

That will be the second case of champagne ordered by Downing Street in the last week. :evil:
It's just been announced he's died. I for one will be avoiding the inevitable choreographed grieving, faltering address by Blair. Crocodile tears are definitely not in order for this man


War Hero
damn shame, didn't always agree with him but he was a good politician and a good man.
That is a shame, I may not have agreed with him or even liked him, but at least he stood by his statements , and was a thorn in Bluppets side. Sorry to see him go.

I await with mounting dread , more shatner-esque statacco delivery and "Oh so much sadness, can't you hear it in my voice" from the Celestial Navigator and his coterie of Crocodiles.

RIP Robin.
shame.. seems a bit sudden..

First the Arms Inspector bloke kills himself, now Mr Cook dies...

Whose that knocking at the door?
more shatner-esque statacco delivery
Shatner-esque. Robin Cook's death gives rise to a new adjective. A good one too.

Like Blindgit, an unlikely fanny magnet.
PartTimePongo said:
That is a shame, I may not have agreed with him or even liked him, but at least he stood by his statements, and was a thorn in Bluppet's side. Sorry to see him go. I await with mounting dread, more Shatner-esque stacatto delivery.
I agree totally. As for the Shatner analogy? You've hit the nail on the head. Perfect!
I know, just listen to him Bones :)
here comes the by election ! everybody with a drum to beat will be listing themsleves for a ballot
why oh why do we eulogise 'celebs' and politicians the minute they die? He may have been a clever little jock tw@t but he was still a chancer politician who thought everyone else was below his level of intelligence, thought he should have run the country, had the morals of an alley-cat and a big dose of LMF.
I liked Cook. Completely without integrity, he had the good manners for a politician to admit it. He was a low life trot, always on the look out for the next rung on the ladder or the next step up the greasy pole. He bewailed the illegal attack on Iraq and resigned his position as Leader of the House, completely ignoring the fact that as Foreign Secretary he had supported the attack into Kosovo (Of course it was different, We had the support of Europe and the French and didn't need to bother the UN).

Still he liked drink, racing and foxhunting. Amongst that pack of low life trots and amalgamated arrseholes that is laughing called the labour party he was one of the few that would be acceptable in decent company.

God rest his soul and grant him peace.

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