Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by robieranger, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. 22 years Royal Sigs, 9 years at AAColl Harrogate, Mil Trg :grin:, happy times, started as a mil trg inst, then Sqms mil trg then quality control, loved the whole experiance, finished my 22 there in 1994.
    Recon I might know a few on the forum especialy plumduff.
  2. 22 years Royal Signals, retired in Jan. 1991.....never feckin' heard of you!
    Was Harrogate the Northern equivalent of 10 Sigs, those in the know will understand
    that one.
    Your Trade was..?
  3. You old *****
  4. Now you listen here, young feller mi' lad...

    Had one of your trade on the Tanker Driver Programme last week, a Cpl, he looked
    so young I fully expected him to dip a Farleys Rusk in his brew.

    You fcukers are as bad as Minkies, promotion before being able to wipe your own
  5. You were a skiving **** who knew that a tour to an operational unit would result in you being assaulted by the blokes.

    Playing the "Big I Am" in a training unit meant you could try and impress the junior entrants - you sad man.
  6. Hey, BH, bet he was an Handbag.......1985-1994, just think of all the changes he
    missed whilst strutting about with his split Peak and little stick.

    Someone will be along soon who went through AAC and can give us chapter and

    I think I'll give Pete Mac. a bell, he'll know!
  7. Who?...he, thee or me?
  8. He said you were a **** of the highest order(we already knew that :) ) and you wear womans clothes at the weekend whilst frequenting certain bars.
  9. Who said that?.......

    Do I get a Medal for being a cnut of the highest order?

    CAN you reverse??
  10. It's probably the only medal we'll get !
  11. Ah, I've got these, if you think the Taliman are naughty you should meet our City