Robertson Barracks

Not in great condition; both SLA and SFA. Due to close by 2030 which seems a long way off but means only limited investment for the next 13 years and will likely be run down. Whilst a lot can change in that time I suspect that there might be a push to close it earlier if the opportunity arises.


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QDG are a good bunch so don't necessarily let it put you off too much. Some people love the country life too.
QDG are probably the second best cavalry regiment, after Light Dragoons, who occupied Robertson before them.

I went there for an Old Comrades weekend about a decade ago. The Officers' and Sergeants' Messes were both bang in order (as you'd expect from a former Crab station). Cookhouse and NAAFI bar were both entirely up to scratch.

It's a big place (there used to be Lightning interceptors there: huge runway, the end of which made for a similarly huge car park. Lots of green space.

But. It was to have been closed down a couple of years later. LD were to go back to Paderborn/Sennelager, but the plug got pulled, Osnabrück closed, QDG moved from latter to former, LD stayed put.

The accommodation was entirely functional, but old (not dissimilar from my last single accommodation in Paderborn in 1981) and in need of TLC. Since there is no Arms Plot any more and notwithstanding further cuts, no more unit moves, I'd expect to see investment turning Robertson into a good place to be.

Whatever, it's a world better than Aliwal, Tidworth, my home 40 years ago, indistinguishable from pictures of my regiment, previously there when they sailed off to the Great War.

As another has stated that it's shortlisted again for closure, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it'll close, maybe it won't. Who knows what will happen next year?

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