Roberts-Smith VC "mocked" on channel 10's the Circle



Given the fact that he's built like 10 brick shithouses I would hesitate to mouth off at him.

At least they apologised, although I would've expected better of George Negus...
So if it's been blown out if proportion why start a threat? :?
Bloody hell, he's gorgeous isn't he? :hump:
So if it's been blown out if proportion why start a threat? :?
A threat :? I'm not trying to threaten or intimidate anyone............

Just highlighting the fact that Aussie media make a story out of nothing especially if it involves anything to do with the ADF. There's only 22 million + people down under and an awful lot of
crap media chasing a few stories

They certainly should've chosen their words better Negus and Stynes.
A crowd of no mark luvvies, sitting on a couch drinking camomile tea, (no sugar) on daytime TV, are seen (s)pouting off about a highly decorated serviceman.

Followed by a bit of outrage (by proxy, I noted) and some sycophantic apologising.

I've never met Ben Roberts-Smith and never will, but I honestly suspect that he doesn't give a flying ****.
what does the descendants of newgate prison know about anything except how to shag sheep and skippys.

bunch of coke heads.
I think a fight is the only way of settling this.
UPDATE: Victoria Cross recipient winner Benjamin Roberts-Smith.

Sauce: Reuters (Not as good HP)

Ben Roberts-Smith VC not giving a flying ****.

The half-hearted attempt at ‘comedy’ and the dribbling efforts of an apology via the local press, by the no mark luvvie Yumi Stynes and veteran reporter George Negus, on a no mark Australian TV chat show, has taken another turn.

An Australian TV presenter openly admitting she has a shit name.

Letters of apology have now been submitted by the witless duo to one of the Nations greatest ever living heroes. But we can now reveal that neither Yumi [what a stupid name] Stynes, (37) nor George [no relation to Arthur] Negus (70) had any intention of apologising in such a formal manner.

A private source close to the hapless cnuts, has told us that. “Just hours after the Channel 10 programme was aired, a mysterious black helicopter was seen hovering around the home properties of both Yumi and George. She added. “Men then abseiled down long ropes, and they appeared to be carrying guns and knives and throwing stars and nunchucks and... ooh ooh ooh... a light sabre. They were like shadow men, (except for the guy with the light sabre) and basically it scared the living shit out of them.”

on patrol.jpg
Australian SAS on a secret mission. (Archive)

Another source close to the couple, who wished to remain nameless, told us. “I am not sure what happened last night, but George definitely had visitors, and I believe that Ms Stynes has a ******* stupid name.” He added. “After they had left, George was so nervous, he was reduced to a steaming pile of shit.”

Outside the George Negus house earlier today.

Although the Australian Defence Forces never comment about individual members of an elite fighting unit, a spokesperson for them told us that. “Deep dive swimming and looking for brains is an integral part of Special Forces mission training, and as a direct result of Corporal Roberts-Smith proving that he was better at this than anyone else in the whole wide world, we have offered him an instant commission.

The newly promoted Lt Col Roberts-Smith has, as fully expected, accepted the dripping missives from the two useless *******, with grace and dignity before going on the lash with his mates and wiping his arrse on them.

We asked for comment from the respected ‘Going for a Song’ presenter, Arthur Negus, but he was too busy being dead.

arthur negus.jpg
Arthur Negus (r) Had **** all to do with it.


Also, the bint is far from photogenic, which leads me to believe she is photoshopped live on tv, as the programme is aired!
It has even managed to make it onto Wiki............

In February 2012, Negus appeared on The Circle where he intimated that an Australian SAS serviceman, Ben Roberts-Smith, recently awarded the VC, as potentially impotent, ("what if they're not up to it in the sack?").[7] A noticeable community backlash against the programme erupted in defense of the serviceman as a result.
Given the fact that he's built like 10 brick shithouses I would hesitate to mouth off at him.

At least they apologised, although I would've expected better of George Negus...
If that **** wanted a high profile story, he allegedly had his chance years ago when one of his colleagues on a television show was allegedly mentioned in a royal commission for allegedly tampering with young boy's sanitary arrangements. The alleged miscreant's name was suppressed. Have I mentioned that this is all alleged, by the way?

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