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Robert W Gore passes away


Book Reviewer
Gortex never worked for me always too hot.
Doing actual exercise mind.
Castelli gabba however is the muts nuts.
Like a very thin breathable wetsuit.
Now I'm too knackered for cycling, the clothing under thin hunting clobber out performs expensive hunting clothing in every way.

You'll regret saying that when all you've got is a pair of long cotton draws, men for the use of , which take approximately six months to dry out.


Book Reviewer
RIP - but latterly they were a right PITA as a supplier.
Nothing wrong with DMS if you put them on the right feet and had the correct size.

I never used them (other than for drill and tug-o-war) however my problem was having one right foot and a left foot. ..

Yes I'll wait outside for my taxi

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