Robert Stirling any body know him SAS vertern

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vanderhart, May 21, 2011.

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  1. 'Friend boys' in the cadets, eh? Congratulations, you're in the NAAFI.
  2. Oh dear.This will not end well.
  3. gonna be messy, cracks open a beer, sits back to watch the carnage.....

  4. OP please change post to "book for my mate's son" or there will be bloody carniage.

    PS looks like a good book (bits of it might even be true!)
  5. Can't pass selection at 19 anyway? Probably a wah or some such but don't you have to be in 5 years, making 21 the youngest.
  6. Thought Chris Ryan passed at 18?
  7. Depends, the old days of 'R Sqn' from reservists many moons ago could go for reg selection at a very young age.
  8. I did it at 15 3/4.
  9. He could have been a boys soldier like those ones off Blood diamonds although he is the wrong colour.
  10. Fucking Walt - you were 16!:-D
  11. So your grooming a friends son with a SAS book? what's wrong with werthers and a few quid?

  12. Are you grooming him? The books a good start. Then move onto dvds and
    model aeroplanes. Forget the boiled lollies thats old school.
  13. May I suggest that the OP get the book with wipe-clean pages. Both he and the boy may find that handy.
  14. Or even a mars bar and a can of coke.