Robert McNamara Dead

Discussion in 'US' started by Pork_Pie, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Wasn't this was McNamara's direction of travel after reflecting on US foreign policy?

    Wonder if Cheney and current crop will acquire a reflective bone or two?
  2. Good riddance... the Macnamara-Johnson dynamic was almost identical to the Bush-Rumsfeld one.
  3. been reading some US forums on this news: the man's absolutely loathed; had no idea
  4. I saw the documentary, The Fog of War, and was impressed by the content and honesty.
  5. Col Lang
    I'm reminded of:
    Don't expensively lose a war and expect to be well remembered by Yanks, they play for keeps.

    McNamara was a great deal smarter than Rummie if similarly tactless. In the end he had a boss even worse than Bush, not LBJ but that similarly feckless blue blooded, East Cost aristocrat JFK. Liberal US historians endlessly try to wiggle out of this but sainted JFK really must bear responsibility for the course his administration set, from the Bay Of Pigs, to the Cuban missile crisis, onto laying the grounds for escalation in Vietnam.

    JFK assembled the best and brightest in his "Camelot", inspired them to supreme self confidence and they went on to demonstrate what fools they were.

    The arrogant and wonkish McNamara was a spectacularly bad choice for Sec Def and thought himself rightly more suited to the world of commerce.

    Bob at least while continuing to lie through his teeth had the grace to acknowledge his choices in retrospect were flawed and troubling morally.

    A few quotes from The Fog Of War.
    Regardless of what you think of McNamara, this little documentary is worth watching just to understand the peculiar torment of having held the reins of a state in the cold war.
  6. No differant than the fortunate day when Rumsfeld kicks the bucket... he's also seriously hated by many recent veterans.
  7. Just as one example of his meddling, look at the M16.

    The Army, & Eugene Stoner both reccomended the chamber and bore be chrome lined. In fact All US issue small arms and replacement barrels since 1945 were chrome lined. Macnamara refused to listen to the experts and refused the request as unneccessary expense.

    Weapon chambers corroded, cartridge cases stuck.

    Men Died

    May he rot in hell