Robby Williams Speeding his nits off on X Factor

Anyone see this?

My misses thinks he is great. Just got to watch some mad man scream across the stage whilst staring at everyone like a fukcing phsycopath. Fantastic.
Ah.... one of my "friends" on Facetube has just said that someone called Robbie was smacked off his t1ts.

Makes sense now.

Shame he couldn't go on Stars In Your Eyes

And tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Stephen Gateley.
My misses reckons speed (she probably has a good idea, used to work with "troubled teenagers").

I am not sure, what ever it was there was a lot of it!
I'm concerned that I've more male friends commenting on X Factor than girl friends - they're not all gay or married, so I think watching it is just a male dirty little secret! :D
He was dull, dis-interested and borderline mediocre.

However it was fun trying to work out what he had taken. :D

Complete and utter over-hyped toss-pot
jarrod248 said:
Why are you lot watching such shite?
I'm not. I'm watching the rerun of the new NCIS episode on FX.

Ziva.......oh will be mine....
I had to watch X Factor with the K Household. Not a Medic but looked at his pupils and quietly remarked to Zero Alpha that I thought he was off his face.
Here's the blue-eyed boy from tonight's show. Looks fine to me:

Yeah but lets get down to the important X Factor question - who's got the biggest tits then?

Simon or Louis?

Can't wait for Harry Hill next week.
BarkingSpider said:
Yeah but lets get down to the important X Factor question - who's got the biggest tits then?
Having recently moved in with the future BNM I have also been neutered and made to watch X-Factor (although I've just acquired Sky+ so she can record it and watch it when I'm not there). Apart from chuckling at Robbie gurning like a toothless farmer, the one thing I took from last night's show was this:

They voted out the fucking strippers!

The missus has been told in no uncertain terms that she no longer has any believeable excuse to make me watch another show.
Silly me. And here was me thinking of that chap with all the hair in Night at The Museum. Spent the programme trying to see him. Now it's all clear.

But who was that prick giving his "professional opinion" on the punters? What a fukking knob! And there certainly was a few faces there which could have felt the back of my hand!
Most of my favourite bands, Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix Experience, A*al C*nt, were ripped to the t*ts most of the time, but Robert reminded me of cousin of mine, off his nut at a wedding in Sligo singing Mustang Sally into an empty glass and sh*tting his slacks in a hotel corridor

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