Robby Williams Speeding his nits off on X Factor

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by doc53, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Anyone see this?

    My misses thinks he is great. Just got to watch some mad man scream across the stage whilst staring at everyone like a fukcing phsycopath. Fantastic.
  2. Ah.... one of my "friends" on Facetube has just said that someone called Robbie was smacked off his t1ts.

    Makes sense now.

    Shame he couldn't go on Stars In Your Eyes

    And tonight Matthew, I'm going to be Stephen Gateley.
  3. We have just watched it - we are now trying to work out what he was on!!!
  4. My misses reckons speed (she probably has a good idea, used to work with "troubled teenagers").

    I am not sure, what ever it was there was a lot of it!
  5. Totally Coked out but he still sets the place alight (sh1te song though)
  6. Have to agree, Im a little disappointed, Im sat in shreddies with Minder on, all Im missing in the 'manly' stakes is a cigar and a facial scar :D
  7. He has a face just made for slapping
  8. Married. Effectively I have been neutered.
  9. I'm concerned that I've more male friends commenting on X Factor than girl friends - they're not all gay or married, so I think watching it is just a male dirty little secret! :D
  10. Can't see Robbie Williams taking speed as it's seen as a poor man's drug. Most likely coke. I suppose nearly all people in the music industry take coke quite often.
  11. He was dull, dis-interested and borderline mediocre.

    However it was fun trying to work out what he had taken. :D

    Complete and utter over-hyped toss-pot
  12. I'm not. I'm watching the rerun of the new NCIS episode on FX.

    Ziva.......oh will be mine....
  13. Coke I reckon.
  14. I had to watch X Factor with the K Household. Not a Medic but looked at his pupils and quietly remarked to Zero Alpha that I thought he was off his face.