Robbing Peter to pay Paul - JPA audits for the TA

I'm not sure if this is directly connected to SDSR, but at the moment a local RAO (regular) is conducting a scorched earth policy on JPA audits.
All well and good, money needs to be saved etc etc, but there is one slight flaw i have discovered with relation to TA individuals targetted by this, namely to complete and do the work required for the audit - extra MTDs are required over the annual level allocated to the individual (national unit 19 days).

In quite a few cases, the extra MTDs have exceeded money clawed back (what no FMT102?) by a factor of 3!

There are some other bits related, such as it seems someone in the RAO's maybe breaking Data Protection laws by demanding personal information from car insurer's without the individuals consent, but that is for further checking!

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