Robbing Help The Heroes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grubby Bum III, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. I'll get the keys.
  2. The Duty Driver's still pissed from last night but I've sent the Guard Commander to the block to find someone sober with the correct FMT.
  3. You'd needn't bother as this thread is already doing the rounds....without the Daily Heil link
  4. They have "theiving shitbag from the shallow end of the gene pool" stamped in their faces. It's simple, don't hand cash to anyone purporting to be collecting for charity.

    I've challenged two individuals here collecting on my doorstep in separate incidents, they were the only two who ever turned up here! One claimed to be collecting for a new rescue helicopter for the local red cross. The red cross don't do helicopters. The other claimed to be collecting for the local special school for spastic children. In both cases I pocketed the offered forged ID with photo, introduced them to my dog who showed them the shortcut off my property and then called the police and the ordnungsamt.

    Both were later arrested and sent down.

    100% of the collectors who have knocked on my door were bent, in Germany they aren't allowed to go door to door. The same gos for the telephone service salemen who stalk the quarters from time to time.
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  5. Exactly how many seats are there on the outrage bus? And is it drivable on a Cat D licence?

    Unfortunately I'm not fammed on Bus-Outrage
  6. this scumbag who stole from the charity should have his ******* hands chopped off!
  7. It's a fleet of luxury 52 seaters with air con, toilets, trolly dolly service bringing round complimentary copies of the Daily Heil and a TV screen for all seats showing rolling footage of Richard ******* Littlejohn getting really really angry. So it needs a full D Licence.
  8. Thanks for the tip - do the Mods need to redirect anything?
  9. T'is the season tio be outraged!

  10. There are four of them, and they are women. Read first perhaps? It's the serious bit after all.
  11. I believe that they're all VOR for planned maintenance, absolutely typical, busiest week of the year and some jobsworth takes them off the road. It just boils my piss.
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  12. Why bother reading when you can just hop aboard the bus - someone on there will give a full brief on the pertinent facts.

  13. I dont care if it is women i still say chop their hands of one by one the thieving scumbags!