Robbie Savage..... Is it just me? Why is he given airtime on Radio 5Live?

Should probably rant on the BBC website but it probably wouldn't even get posted by their mods.... But the guy's an absolute muppet. Why on earth does that proportion of my annual hard earned, which pays for the BBC licence fee, get shovelled into the back pocket of this clown? He's given his own shows on 5Live FFS...!

His every response to every argument he's presented is to say "You lot make me laff.... I've BEEN a professional footballer so I know how it works!" This evening's prematch commentary included comments on Mancini... other pundits commented on possible disruption between players and manager... Cue Robbie and his "You lot make me laff.... you haven't been a professional so you're not qualified to comment" stance. If football commentary is only restricted to the professionals, then does that include every fan that phones in to pick an argument with the tosspot in his 606 shows, or anyone who gives players some stick in the pub watching the match on Sky. Makes me mad.......
The guys a clown who's got his knickers in a twist, because Brian Flynn didn't get down on his knees and suck him off when he said he'd play for Wales again if picked.

Not that bad in his day, not great, but not the worst. But he's a prize prick now. You'd think he was George Best the way he talks about himself now.
You only take a job in the media if you're too scared/thick to go into management or when you fail there. See exhibit (a) - Mark Lawrenson.

How the hell someone who failed at Oxford United can slag off the likes of Rafa Benitez is anyone's guess.

Savage, as with the majority of pundits, is as thick as a Gurkha's foreskin.


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I can just see that snivelling, rat faced cunt giving it the big 'un on the wireless when he's bleating on in his 'hilarious' fashion. That specimen is a prime example of all mouth and no trousers.
Savage could be worse, he could be that whiny voiced cunt Steve fucking Claridge.

Played for approimately 2,970 clubs at absolutely no level whatsoever but thinks he has the right to comment on the likes of Rooney and Torres as if he ever had a billionth of their talent.
I popped down the road to twatville (Derby) a couple of years back to see my brother. We went for a pint and there he was getting out of a white Range Rover sport. He had a whoolie smurfs hat on, a cardigan straight out of Starsky and Hutch and a pair of this Ugg boots. Our kid turns to me and says at the top of his voice "you seen this cnut?" Savage turns and smiles and nods at his Range Rover. At which point my brother gives him the dead eye and says " want fcuking over the bonnet ya nonce?

The smile fadded and Savage hurried off into the boozer. Cock.
As I Forest fan, I really, really do hate the cnut, with a passion.
As I Forest fan, I really, really do hate the cnut, with a passion.
If Jesus was reborn in Derby you'd call him a cunt kid, your a Forest fan ffs.
I recall Savage taking a throw in being hecked with, "Aunt Sally, Aunt Sally, cup of tea, slice of cake; ya Worzel Gummage lookalike". He turned and grabbed his crotch and was then faced with, "Ever play for England? No, 'cause your shit."

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