Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cunexttuesday, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else aware of the changes made to the resettlement allowances this week :? Apologies if this turns into a bit of a rant.

    Up until now a full 22 year career would have entitled you to the following allowances to help resettle you in to civvy strasse:

    Meals: 49 days x £21.90 = £1073.10
    Accommodation: 49 days x £56.00 = £2744.00
    Resett. Grant: 1 x £534.00 = £ 534.00
    incidentals 49 days x £ 5.00 = £ 245.00
    Total £4596.10

    With the assistance of a resettlement provider who knew how to swing the figures, this amount would normally be enough to provide you with the good groundings of a new career.

    Keeping in mind that you also have the ELC, there really wasn't much to grumble about as long as your resettlement bods played the game.

    Well as of this week these allowances are no more :evil:

    All you will receive is your £534.00 resettlement grant.
    No more food money.
    No more accommodation.
    No more subsistence.

    But why should we need this money, after all we now have access to continual professional development throughout our careers by means of upper tier ELC claims.

    I can think of a few reasons off the top of my head:

    1. Current resettlement provisions have been used to calculate our pay structure and amount of X factor etc we receive, has this been increased accordingly? Has it fu~*.

    2. ELC claims may only be used during service for courses that benefit your service. Hmmm can't see my chain of command being convinced that we really need a couple of Gas Engineers or plumbers on our Orbat.

    3. ELC claims may not be used to fund the same course that you are using your princely £534.00 resettlement grant for.

    4. Why should I be using my education allowances to fund my resettlement.

    5. Just which I.T training company, plumbing training company etc will let you pay up your course over 22 years with your £175 standard learning credit?

    6. If you happen to leave before your 8 year point, you will have practically sweet F.A resettlement provision as you will not have qualified for Upper Tier ELC's.

    7. What happens to the blokes leaving this year or next who were relying on exisiting resettlement provisions to put a roof over their families heads when they leave ?

    End of Rant. Anyone else feel the have just been dry bummed :?
  2. I need to do some research first (out of the loop already!), but I'll let you know once I've tried to claim back the 3 grand for my current course (which I had to pay for up front, out of my own rainy day fund) as the "advance of fees and allowances" request submitted last month is still sitting in somebody's JPA in-box. :roll:

    BTW; 49 days after 22 years? Does it go down to 35 if you've done more, then? :?

    Warming up for a rant and a half myself.
  3. Is this genuine or has some imbecile who hasn't got a clue seen you off?

    BTW no one has qualified for the upper tier ELC yet, so it makes no difference on how long you have served.
  4. Looks like it is true.
    My resettlement claims were fukc£$ off yesterday as apparently the new rules came in to effect on monday.
    I was aware this was going to be happening but wasn't expexting it to implemented until the higher tier ELC's came in to play in April.
    I was told however if i'd put my claims in last week I would have been alright.
    I've had a look for a JSP (think its 534) stating the new rules but all I can find is the older one.

  5. The only part of the old system of charges that was a resetlement grant was the 534. The rest is T&S, for which the rules have changed. Are you not entitled to the new T&S i.e. actuals up to the stated maximum?

    None of which excuses the fact that the resettlement grant is pathetic.
  6. If you are relying on the final resettlement package to provide you with your post service carrer you will probably be disappointed. The package is designed to assist your move to civ div not hand you a new carreer on a plate.

    Yes the grant is not huge, but there is graduated resettlment time, career transition workshops and free advice from your IERO who knows an awful lot about the resettlement process.

    ELC is designed for pesrsonal development at Level 3 or beyond. Clear guidance is available from Education Centres of the website. The website lists the providers and types of course available. they are very wide ranging and not all will benefit the Service,but they will benefit the individual.

    The position of the service has always been that you should be planning for your post army carreer as soon as you join.

    The point about those leaving early getting less proviosion has always been true and ELC is a new scheme so there are countless leavers who had no benefit at all.

    overall it isn't a bad package
  7. Warrior - imho that is a 'line to take' response. If the funds have been removed from the resettlement package for all then that is yet another nail in the coffin. Personnel in their last 5 years of service (I know, you should begin resettling as soon as you join, but who does?) as with the rest of the military do not have time to go on civilian career enhancing courses for their second career during service time - who gets 6 weeks off to get on a plastering course? A tiny minority I would suggest because we are either returning from Ops, preparing for Ops, or on bloody Ops.

    To suggest that we use the ELC or SLC is some small minded budgeteers idea of saving money.

    Please excuse me I'm off to slap a civvie. :x
  8. Agreed.
    We all know we now with a few years behind us that we should be looking at our 2nd careers as soon as we joing. But just who does?
    Try explaining to some young tom up to his nuts in guts in Germany that he should be in at night doing a degree or such.

    The fact remains we have just had over 4 grand of allowances removed without so much as a reach around.
  9. You are joking I presume :?
  10. As far as advice from IERO's etc goes. You are having a laugh there.
    Just what can some retired Maj/Lt Col etc inform me about life in civvy street. Granted a lot of them know there way around the benefits your entitled to but as of monday that doesn't seem to be too much of a task to figure out on your own any more.
    Then we have the CTP, well known for only wanting to get you off their books.
    This new change could also force people in to using the CTP run courses down in Aldershot etc. As the CTP is effectivley "Right Management" in disguise you can't exactly shop around for the best quality of course.
    No coincidence that they are also hiking their prices up at the moment?
  11. Can't comment on how the funding has changed-I will find out later in the week and post the correct answer direct from the IERO. As for the "line to take" comment then yes it is. The opportunities for Personal Development are pushed at every opportunity. The level of support and financial help such as SLC and ELC are far better than most civvy employers offer. If you work for a civvy company on a fixed term contract, when you reach the end they will wish you well and send you on your way. Same if you resign (sign off) and leave early-worth reminding here that if you are med discharged you qualify for the full package irrespective of the length of your service.

    I make no apology for plugging Personal Development. I know many soldiers who joined with few qualifications who have gone on to gain higher level educational and vocational qualifications. I have met people who joined at 16 with nothing who have gained Masters degrees. There are countless other examples of PD, be it purely qualification based or people who have just wanted to improve their own skills. I have taken thousands off the system for my own PD over the years in terms of fees, transport and time.

    Whatever you want to do you can get help for it. Book a PD interview with your Education Centre or PM me for further info. (They should pay me for this!!)
  12. He can at least tell you where to look for the info. Have you spoken to him yet?
  13. Yes I have spoken to him. Also to another from a different region just to make sure I wasn't being given duff info.
    He virtually told me this was being brought in to save money on the food and accommodation budgets.
    To be fair to him he was extremely pi%*ed off that it virtually removes any chance of a decent resettlement package for the younger lads leaving.
    Yes we all know it's always been understood the more years you do the more you get. However I should think that for e.g a full screw with just under 8 years behind him should be entitled to more than a pitiful £534.
    After all the past arrangement would entitle anyone with more than 5 years service to claim for food & accommodation etc.
    As far as there being a wide range of ELC providers and courses to choose from, this is correct, but like I stated before you can only use ELC's to fund courses which benefit the Service.
    I don't think you'll be convincing your O.C that he really does need a Plasterer etc..
  15. Resettleing soldiers are being 'encouraged' to use localised training, this is where the T&S (or lack of it) comes into practice, if you do localised training then you stay in your own accom or service accom near to the RRC.

    There is no disguise about who they are, if you go to their web site or look on any of their paperwork it actually says 'Career Transition Partnership, the Ministry of Defence working with Right management'.
    The prices have been put up because they, like the IRTC havent changed for many many years, the big bug bear is that they have put the prices up by nearly double (in some cases over double) in one go and the IRTC hasnt been increased, which is shocking.