Robbed of the right to smoke

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by romach, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. "The only friend I had was a cigarette"

    Judy Mead
    Former mental health patient
  2. Why should prisoners be exempt? They should not be allowed to smoke while in prison. :x

    Nothing to do with snout being the black market currency??
  3. Exactly, why should pond life be allowed to smoke in an enclosed area while those with mental health issues are not.

    should be a total ban or no ban at all!
  4. Apparently, the cigarettes name was 'Ashy' and he was from Omecron Persei 8
  5. Rabid anti smoker as I am....even I think that this is wrong! Scumbags get to lie in their pits puffing away, yet those who have done nothing wrong, but have some issues are prevented from doing the same!

    For shame!
  6. Well the goverment has focred all the smokers outside, so there is nw a proliferation of patio heaters heating the outside smoking areas which they ar now claiming are increasing the Co2 emmissions. guess what they want to tax them now. Bloody money grasbbing barstewards. Even better does it look good to go out on the town and see crowds of smokers huddling outside? There is now a new word in the dictionary 'smurting' which is smokers flirting.

  7. It's actually quite a serious issue in mental health terms. When I worked on wards we always used to advise patients who wanted to give up to leave it until they were better. AFAIK that's still the general tone taken. Psychiatric wards are scary places for many patients and forcing them to go through another very stressful/stress inducing process (smoking cessation) isn't exactly going to help them get better any more quickly.

    Must be remembered that the Mental Health Act is still the only legislation that allows removal of liberty without a trial beforehand, and patients aren't criminals, they're ill. Allowing prisoners but not detained patients to smoke is clearly absurd.

    I think it's at least possible that this is yet another example of crappy legislation that was never properly thought through, and that it just didn't occur to anyone that detained patients were in this situation.
  8. Allowing prisoners to smoke is probably used to maintain order within the prisons. I agree that its not fair, but most likely the sensible thing to do.
  9. I despise smoking, but forcing people all ready under tremendous emotional stress to give it up is ridiculous. What eejit came up with that idea?
  10. One woman made the statement above, mind you, she was VERY ugly.
  11. Not sure anyone came up with it, just don't think anyone had realised it would be an issue until it was raised!
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