Robbed of our pensions and our futures

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Rowly68, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. How many of you are actually aware that as we speak, the Government are to steal from each and every one of you who have served your country and earned your pension tens of thousands of £s because they are to change the way the annual increase is worked out? Currently, annual pension increases are worked out based on the Retail Prices Index (RPI) (traditionally higher), but, from April 2011, these increases are to be linked to the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) (does not take into account Mortgages). I just like thousands of other soldiers, sailors and airmen have done my time plus some more and now they have decided to change the goal posts. I stayed in and I am still in because of the pension, not because I like being institutionalised.

    Let us keep what all the brochures said e.g. Offer to Transfer Booklet J222936 03/05, instead of giving us the Queen's Shilling only to take it back and replacing it with sixpence......If you've served, the changes will probably affect you, and you will lose money.

    For me integrity is important; if you promise something to a person, you keep that promise and give it to them. The next person to come along does not necessarily have to get the same deal, this is the way life is. I was promised something, and I want it in the same form I had become used to expecting I would receive it. I honoured my side of the agreement, will they honour theirs? I doubt it.

    It's been a few weeks since I wrote to the PM, arguing that we (Armed Forces) ought to retain our pensions linked to the Retail Prices Index and not the Consumer Prices Index. Although I have received acknowledgement of receipt and an assurance that I will receive a reply, I am still waiting. I will try and get it scanned and published if it ever materialises, and I may even scan my letter to him and hopefully publish that if possible.

    I have received a reply from my MP with the reply letter from the Minister for Work and Pensions. Apparrently only 7% on pensioners have a mortgage, one of the reasons they decided to opt for the CPI which does not take into account mortgage inflation. Well, what proportion of this 7% happen to be Armed Forces pensioners?

    I shall be next year, aged 43, forced into possible unemployment because the option to remain serving is not there for me like many others. Perhaps if enough of us actually give a shit, and took action he (Cameron) may have second thoughts. Wake up people, if you are entitled to an Armed Forces pension you are going to lose tens of thousands of £s over your lifetime. What realy annoys me is that it seems many of you either don't know this is to happen, or don't give a damn. Please start to take some action NOW before it is too late, we are getting Royally bent over and buggered without so much as a spot of lube. April is nearly here and the change happens then.

    Get writing to your MP, or even the PM. It is your right and they can't make you pregnant!!! .
  2. Have you only just noticed? This is old news and I'm afraid we will just have to suck it up like the rest of the country.
  3. Not noticed that when you signed on?

    What do you think the point of military discipline and training is? Subservience and apathy, if anyone cares they will be to scared to say anything

    What do you suggest and how would that make a difference. You have had your FO tablet from your MP.

    Just as night follows day it will happen.

    I'm with Paymaster here.
  4. Well brush my hair and call me Shirley, I actually find myself agreeing with Western. Thats twice since Christmas!
  5. I support you brother

    Strike, Strike, Strike.
    One out all out
    Power to the people

    Ignore the rest of them, they are all scabs.
  6. No I have'nt just noticed Paymaster. And I will not suck it up like SOME of the rest of the country. And I will keep fighting for that which I was promised. If you want to just roll over and get screwed, then be my guest.
  7. What are you going to do? Down tools? Form a picket line?
  8. I, along with others foresaw this happening many years ago. False promises and talk of military covenants didn't wash with me. That is why I went down the RQMS route, fiddling the books, stockpiling 'gucci' kit then selling it all on Ebay for a massive profit. That along with the theft of military fuel and rations will support me when I'm retired. Cheers easy.
  9. Very old news

    According to me old man (ex crab but you cant hold everything against him)

    He was due a lump at 60 then a pension starting at 60 ; scroll forward a few years no lump and the pension starts at 65 and he is not unique in this .
  10. Don't you just love the "suck it up and take it like a man, we all have to share the pain" Brigade. Frankly unless you happen to have made a pile of money in your life, your pension is all you have left in your old age. The Government is wrong to mess around with pensions just the same as the last one was wrong to allow private pensions to be plundered. Although most ARRSERS will be looking at their service pension, it's not just service pensions either. Why should anybody work for a lifetime knowing that they will get X amount only to find as they near the day when they will have to rely on it for their living, it's been considerably reduced.
  11. So? What do you suggest other than putting up with it?
  12. I would suggest the Government take another look at the books and think again. I happen to have been talking to a couple of housing benefit officers in the last week who were able to point out to me, a layperson, the enormous industry that has sprouted up over the years to get their hands on this free money. People are running classes on how to do it, FFS.

    When you get into the detail, there is scope there to change the rules and stop the abuse. They will save billions. Hey, might be able to afford the pensions if they did that. That's targeting benefit thieves and letting people approaching pensionable age keep their livelyhood that they will rely on when they need every bit of their pension that they get. If I can chat to a couple of guys in my local pub and get an idea of how to tackle it, how come Mr Duncan Smith and Mr Cameron don't get it?
  13. Of course I'm not, that's called mutiny, however I shall voice my opinion, and not roll over like a good little puppy. At least I am willing to do something about it. What are you prepared to do? Me, I shall write as many letters as I need to, to as many people or organisations that I need to, and, just as I am now, I shall increase awareness in others of this Government sanctioned injustice. I have worked for the pension I was promised, and I want what is owed me. And please stop taking the piss, it's not big and it's not clever.
  14. Never a more true word said rgjbloke.