Robbed of any financial incentives

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by pensionprisoner, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Any one else here turned 18 in 1990 and never got any bonuses.
    Now all i do is watch juniors cash in thousands for not leaving!!!
    Robbing twast
  2. I turned 18 in 1990 and got all my bonuses.

    Have you been harbouring this whinge for nearly 2 decades?
  3. Yes and i moan about it every other week!!!!
  4. 15 grand in total is worth moaning about or not!!!
  5. Are a large amount of seniors threatening to sign off? No. Then theres no need to offer them bonuses to stay in then.
  6. hence my ARRSE name!
  7. Thats the whole point of the incentives. To get soldiers to stay in long enough to get to SNCO and be pension trapped.

    This was always the case for AFPS 75. Will it be the same for AFPS05?
  8. hence my ARRSE name![/quote]

    So why complain if your complaint doesn't mean anything?

  9. Dont think you got the old 5 and 8 year bonus mate which is what he's on about.
    You would have got the 5 year money if your birthday was in Jan Feb or March but no 8 year bonus.
    I missed out also and yeah it does niggle at me when the young boys start telling me about the money but hey ho, you cant fight the might mate and sadly they have you by the balls. When I asked about it I was told as I was a C scaled soldier then I earned more to start with. My response about JPA bringing us all in line was met with blank looks and then ignored. :x
    We are not getting the money just like they wont count any of my days on tour towards my LSA total that I did before that all started but thats another thread. :wink:
  10. mate werent you on scale c rates of pay
  11. i signed up for 9 and the pittance we got as an extra does not make up the difference.
    what really pisses me off are the young lcpls at work (REME VM) who just got a couple of grand not to sign off, when they were not going to anyway!!!!

    by the eight year point a pte can now earn 15 grand more than i would have.

    so i think that gives a right to whinge about the robbing bsatards!!!!!
  12. I did. I knew people who joined up before me and people who had joined up after that didn't.

    I don't know why I got it and others didn't, but then i don't tend to question why I receive money.
  13. I agree m8, i didnt get the 5 or 8 year bonus either, but I was scale C ROP.

    I wonder in this new army of fluffy kittens is there scope for a discrimination case?

  15. Fair one mate I would just worry that they will want it back at the most awkward of times :x