Robbed by Car Dealer

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by woolyback_bastard, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know of a good solicitor?

    I did a part x with a car dealer Frank Scarrat of Cabs & Buses in Aldershot Feb gone. Car dealer and company have done a runner with car and hp finance to tune of £8000, with added interest over £9000.

    They no longer advertise there address in national adverts, and you have to leave your name and contact number for them to get back in touch with you. So they'll never contact who they owe money to. Companies house has a new address for them in Staffordshire, sent letters no replies.

    Now I'm left with 2 finance deals and only 1 bleeding car.

    Cnut needs his knee caps drilling. Old bill want nothing to do with it as its a civil dispute and needs to be dealt with by Trading Standards. Finance company for old car quite rightly wants its cash, but i'm stuffed until I get my hands on this rogue dealer.

    Finance company is now threatening legal action, but understands are problem. But as they quite rightly say it is my problem not theres they just want there cash.

    Any help much appreciated, and any cab drivers out there beware of the theiving bastards of Cabs and Buses.

    Anyone on arrse in legal proffesion able to help please pm me.
  2. Not a legal brain but if it is the same company that has set up elsewhere, a phone call to the HMRC may help as said company problably owes them some cash and if the listing in Companies House is identical, ie company name, reg number, directors, secretary etc then go have a look, if it is them, issue court proceedings

    I know HMRC deal with this kinda thing a lot (family works for them) and they really hate it when they dont get their money. They can make a rabid rottweiller look like an angel......

    Also if it is the same company, get a reg for one of the cars they are trying to sell and do an HPI check (can do through the likes of AA) and that will show if he has any other cars where people have handed them over and finance has not been settled.
  3. My husband had similar done to him but this was on a sale or return basis. The dealer had been sending cars he'd purchased here to another showroom further north. When my husband asked where the car was, he was told that it was sold but would have to wait 28 days for his money. After phoning the police, who already knew about the scam, and werent really interested, he went into the showroom, hung the lad up on a coat peg by his collar and then proceeded to undertake a bit of gentle persuasion to the owner with his trusty hammer. One broken hand later, the money was in the bank within the hour. Job done!

    Um....I dont condone violence in any shape or form!
  4. Thanks for advice I'll try that
  5. You might find he's getting the cars on HP, then selling them, therfore the HP goes with the car, and he keeps the cash. Filthy bastards!
  6. Well done for just dobbing in your hubby for assault with a hammer :lol:
  7. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I was in the circumstances a few years ago of selling a car that I had bought from a dealer. The prospective buyer did a HPI and told me that there was outstanding HP on the car from a previous owner. Trading Standards told me that the HP agreement remained with the last seller who had knowledge of the agreement, and if I had bought in good faith (as I had), then the HP firm needed to talk to whoever had sold the car, it was mine to do with what I wanted.

    If you have bought from a dealer (or anybody else), and they have given you a reciept saying all ok, then it's up to them to talk to the HP firm.
  8. Voice from the trade FWIW.

    The finance co that has the interest in the part ex are no doubt giving the line 'it is your responsibility to ensure the account is settled' or some such? Two quick questions: (a) was it on HP rather than a loan and (b) how far were you into the term.

    Certainly speak to their collection monkeys and get them to suspend the a/c if possible without it showing as arrears on your credit file. You have therefore been the reasonable one in at least trying to contact them and come to an arrangement.

    WRT the theiving GB that has skipped with your former car, unless he rings it then the thing will be pretty unsellable to anyone with the nous to do a HPI check, and that includes auction houses.
  9. Take the theiving Git to Court. As the police say it is a civil matter. He owes you so get it through the small claims court. No soilicitor needed. You just need an address to have the papers served. If found in your favour he will have to pay you court costs also.

    All can be done on line.
  10. thanks everyone, got to go back on road but will keep coming back here. Going to have this b*stard and ruin his reputation in our trade, as well as getting the finance companies cash back.
  11. Any progress?
  12. :x NEVER trust car dealers or their salesman, or Estate agents :x
  13. Robbed by a car dealer? Welcome to the club mate. They do me over evry f*cking time. There's a certain Ford dealer in Darlington, I'd advise you all to avoid and a certain car dealer smack bang in the middle of Catterick Garrison (roughly in between two supermarkets) whom I'd also advise you to avoid. It's only advice, but hey....take it or leave it.
  14. If the HP goes with the car should woolyback not be ok as he hasn't got the car anymore?
  15. I would say legally if you are still paying for the car then you own that car therefore the item is stolen.