Rob, the SAS collie, exposed as walt!

In the Times.
War heroics were a shaggy dog story
By Jack Malvern,,2-2277684,00.html

Rob the SAS collie was decorated for his parachuting exploits but he never left the ground

HE IS one of the most celebrated canine heroes of war, with 20 parachute jumps to his name and a citation for gallantry behind enemy lines. But the story of Rob the SAS dog — one of the highlights of the Imperial War Museum London’s exhibition of courageous animals — has been exposed as a hoax.
Dog Walts now! It just get worse has ANYONE actually done any proper Soldiering or am in some sort of parallel Universe?

am I really me? are you you? is bliar actually a bad man?

is this a touch of the Sun?
Surely not Rob's fault. The concept of a Walt is that they embelish their own history to appear more
interesting, and therefore Rob's "handler" would be the Walt in this case.

Rob the Collie DM etc is merely a Walt-by-Proxy.


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My handler has variously thought she is Catherine the Great, Barbarella, that bint in Conan the Barbarian with the very big sword and Cruella DeVille.

Does this make me a Walt by proxy?
Rob, a collie officially known as war dog No 471/322, was said to have saved the lives of commandos on raids in Italy and North Africa during the Second World War by licking their cheeks to wake them at signs of danger.
Awww isn't that cute? Unless it's just been cleaning itself whilst on guard!

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