roadtax reform

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyx, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. roadtax reform

    if the link doesnt work check msn vids (roadtax reform)

    the friends of the earth guy needs shooting.....

    so does mr brown and his assbandits for that matter!!

    i have an audi 80 and i can bet they will not give me a scrap fee to buy a new audi r8!!!

    just a poxy mazda hybrid if im lucky!

    besides i smoke so polution isnt an issue,so they can go f*ck off

    this will only increse the amount of untaxed cars on the roads and its got bugger all to do with being green..

    they must think we live in luxury like them!

    kill all the pm`s!!! and make the queen earn an honest days pay!(like she should be doing rather than letting these dirty little con men rape our dirty little country...

    not even the troops wanna fight for blighty anymore,they just fight for the chance to nail some grinning raghead (what other reason is there)
  2. I've got a car registerd in 2000, and I like to buy a second hand motor every three to four years, but this tax will probably cause the value of any car over 6 years to increase or certainly not drop as rapidly as it currently does. what was once a buyers market will become expensive again. Everybody loses!
  3. my audi is a 92 and is a damn nice car

    my car was brought for what it looks like and how it drives despite it being a 2L carb.

    she drives straight and true and also passes its mot fine with no visable smoke even from cold(due to my upkeep and engine overhaul)

    cars these days have no class and look like boxy shite with little or no real metal to save your ass..

    disposable cars and lifestyles are where we are going wrong not the other way round..

    keep cars going aslong as possible would save metal and energy instead of scrapping perfectly good cars to lay in scrapyards or be shipped abroad using even more energy than if we had kept them running!

    what a load of shite we are being fed!!
  4. I run an ancient Land Rover. MSR can testify as to how ancient it is ;)

    Only does 18mpg but costs bugger all in terms of maintenance, depreciation, insurance and tax.
    If I fitted a modern TDi engine I could probably get even better fuel performance. You need to look at the whole life costs of these things.

    This is a rather old posting in internet terms but it might be of interest. There's a bit of the tinfoil hat thing going on but a lot of very valid points.
  5. My car is has been on the road nearly 20 years, it is in prime condition and low mileage. It is used on occaision for camping trips, expeds to europe and such.

    I am, apparently, going to be ass raped for the priviledge of having such a car, despite I regualry run in to work or share a car with someone else.

    Green tax my hoop, they want to milk drivers again. Otherwise they could see that my car is probably quite green given the massive investment of matierials and energy in building NEW cars.
  6. and this is an ass raping your not gonna enjoy!:)
  7. Catch 22,I have to go to work to pay the bills,there is no bus service that runs at 0100hrs (that's my start time next week ) thirteen miles from home to work.What am I supposed to do,fcuking walk,or cycle down a dark unlit country A class road.
    If I was an MP,firstly I wouldn't have to start work at that time in the morning,and secondly, I'd be collected and driven to work or claim expenses for a taxi.Picking on the ones working to keep the country afloat.Bunch of lying cnuts.
    Rant will continue later,too fcuking irate now.
  8. irate is a polite word for what i feel like !

    first its fuel costs and drivers of lorrys with diesal now they want rid of our transport completely by upping the cost above what they damn well know we cannot afford!

    the polititians are screwing this country for everything and then doing a blair and moving abroad where the tax systems dont affect there il gotten gains!

    scumbags,and the queen is just as responsible for letting this continue!
  9. Face it.

    Labour is finished.
    The more they take in taxes from an easy source- the motorist-
    the less the deficit in the finances they hand over to the next government.

    We should be asking the Conservatives what they plan to do to help the
    motorist and forget Broons lot.
    (In 1 year maybe 2 they will be on the opposition benches acting as if nothing was their fault)

    Labour have f*cked so much up the electorate should send the party back to the stone age.
    But I don't think they will, any more than Camerons lot will relax the death grip on the motorist.

    The new government will find such a big hole in the finances- thank you Northern Rock to name just one drain- they will say they need to raise so much money road related taxes will have to remain as is.

    We are screwed which ever way we turn!
  10. I own a grey import. 2.4 lt diesel.
    First registered in 1992.
    First registered in UK 2002.
    I wonder where I stand?

    I can guess! :cry: money grabbing tawts.
  11. archer youre spot on!!

    and there was me hoping for a last minute reprieve!

    better bend over and lube up....
    atleast this move wont affect the 6grand per immigrant for a car cos taxi`s per year are too expensive to fork out for

    well add afew extra digits to the 6 grand for a new car `per head` and thats them sorted!

    actually forget the lube il take it dry like always!

    mr brown i'm ready!!!
  12. Sound similar to me, the distances are similar too but that pushbike is becoming a real possibility. Hell I might even get fit again.
  13. :evil: WTF
    i have just purchased a tax free car

    2 lt diesel auto squaddie max

    Date of Registration 6 Months 12 Months Band CO2 (g/km)
    3 Mar 2008 – £115.50 £210.00 F 193

    Rates effective from April 2009
    Date of Registration 6 Months 12 Months Band CO2 (g/km)
    3 Mar 2008 – £143.00 £260.00 J ???? 193

    Rates effective from April 2010
    Date of Registration 6 Months 12 Months First Year Band CO2 (g/km)
    3 Mar 2008 – £148.50 £270.00 £425.00 J 193

    What the fook is the first year thing ???? And how does it go up the polluting list??

    Surely a NEW MODERN CAR is less polluting than my old clapped out 2 lt petrol car or should i get it back????????

    For years the security forces have been preventing terrorists attacking downing street and the prime minister starting to wonder why?
    Sooner someone puts Broon in their cross hairs the better!!

    bunch of cnuts

    ( i dont condone terrorism but i may make exceptions in this case ....theiving barstuards)

    edited due to rage :x :x :x :x

    GOES TO FETCH BALACLAVA .....................
  14. whatnow` i feel for you mate!

    with £425 i could just about buy a good second hand car every year(my audi 80 cost 450 from ebay)

    what a waste but not enough to scrap my car for some apparent cashback they are mulling over!(unless its in the thousands:)cough cough i think not!

    new headgasket because it was leaking when i brought it(scum ebay seller and his lies)
    new steering balljoints and new driveshaft outer joints(recon`d the inner joints)
    total overhaul of the fuel system and brakes (even referb`d the calipers and painted them)

    all done at little expense(i know a friend who works in the trade lol)and installed myself..

    my motor runs as sweet as a nut with no smoke and for a 2L,its great on fuel considering its age and litre.

    even the paint is almost A1(Id like to see a 08 pug fair aswell over 16yrs with its plastic panels)

    basically i buy a car and drive it till its DEAD (or some scrote writes it off)which only happen`d once in 6yrs.

    even the insurance companys write your car off because of a slight ding,shows what kind of throw away society we live in..

    anyone hear of a position for a trainee mechanic going!hint hint
    i loves me grease!