Roadside shrines

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JustLoitering, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Having driven into work this morning past countless rotting flowers zip tied to roadsigns, soggy teddy bears nailed to trees and football scarves tied round lamp posts got me thinking.

    Am I the only person that gets an irrestible urge to kick the damn things to bits? Isn't it bad enough that somebody had to hose the chav of a Nova driver off the road in the first place without having to clear up the mourner's detritus as well?

    :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:
  2. All though it pains me to say it, I prefer the French take on this,where a life sized silhoutte is placed were the accident happened with just the age of the person killed on it,works for me.
  3. I dont get it either whats the point, if you where good and kind to people when they where alive what have you got proove when they are dead or is it all some kind of guilt trip. When my brother died recently, I had to hide because total strangers/wankers kept banging on my door crying with flowers,teddys ect,. My Bro would have pieed himself laughing at these sados He wanted to be remembered but , but not wept over by strangers, he even left £5000 for his wake now that will be remembered

  4. One on the ring road in Leeds to some chav who couldn't cross the road properly, I too have the urge to set light to it!

    Also a reasonably new one in York on Heworth Green to some fool on a trials bike who thinks 30 means 60.

    All seem to be linked to a series of unfortunate "accidents", personally I think it may be an indicator of "Darwin's Theory of Survival of the Fittest"
  5. Pull ém down. There is a place for such displays. It is called "the head stone". Just a very un-British public display of what should be done in private.

    They look a mess, and they sometimes cause distraction or block views.

    If they must be erected, they should have a designated "owner" and a time that they MUST be pulled down. All others, and time expired, go in the skip.
  6. And what about this one? Link


    You can bet your life that once the poor sods who live there have rebuilt the wall it'll be a place of pilgrimage for chavs from miles around, they'll have to live with a permanent pile of rotting flowers, soft toys and photographs dumped outside their house.

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  7. I wonder if the cross for the guy who got Sammy's shut down is still there just up the road from PRB on the right. I used to aim for puddles when driving past that one...
  8. Pull them down!
  9. They're a good place to get flowers if the garage is shut ...
  10. A person gets killed on an accident blackspot and they put up loads of flowers. Person comes along and stops to look at shrine, gets killed by car driver being distracted by shrine on blackspot, it's a never ending cycle.

    PS. At a similar shrine in Hull 2 replica football shirts were also placed at the shrine. Cue relatives going on about the 'swine wot nicked our Billy's tributes' It was in chav central FFS
  11. Some daft chav git decided to through himself under the East Coast Mainline Train a few months ago from the platform of our regional station, needless to say, not much of him left. I wanted to catch the train to work the following week and went to the station, place was covered with photos of said mong, flowers, poems (coz ee woz a gangsta rappa poet) blah blah. I wanted to sit down so decided to move some of the crap off the bench and onto the floor, heard gasps and intakes of breath from behind me followed by some nasty comments. Some of his chav mates had turned up to read the tributes and were annoyed at my insensitivity by daring to move the crap. I told them to fcuk off and if I had my way, the crap would be skipped and his family made to pay the bill. Didnt go down to well and I now take the bus.
  12. According to my sources, these two chav scrotes were overtaking another car at excessive speed when they hit the Passat head-on and killed a 12 year-old girl: Corsa driving chavscum kill innocent girl

    Not content with setting up one of these "memorial gardens" their chavvy mates decide to go on "cruze" around Ashbourne with their stereos and horns blaring.

    These cnuts killed a young girl and seriously injured her mother and their mates want a bench in the town to "honour" the pair. I'm sure the father of the girl is thrilled to bits. :x

    Of course, there is also the inevitable Facebook group: remeberin bruce and liam

    Sorry, I know it's a bit serious for the NAAFI but it pisses me off.
  13. Well done that man!I work in the railways,and these f ucking knobs who throw themselves in front of trains make my job a f ucking misery at times.
  14. There is one near me which also raises my blood pressure - a "shrine" set up for a speeding 18 yr old who was killed in a crash on the A77 has a car number plate saying " Beep beep" with plastic flowers, bears etc. Little mention of the 59 year old grandmother he drove headfirst into and killed, along with with a 16 and 14 year old who were his passengers. :x
  15. I'm thinking a more appropriate memorial than a bench to "honour" these wastes of skin would be a 1/4 scale replica of a smashed up Corsa, permanently on fire. Like one of those Eternal Flame dealies.

    They could have a speaker pumping out "massiv choons" and a pair of Burberry-clad corpses could be ejected through the windscreen to sound the hour.