Road wheels for MTB

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MiracleBill, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. I want to buy a set of road wheels for my MTB, happy with buying another cassette but do I need to look for when buying skinny wheels etc?


  2. You can probably get 1.5" slicks on your rims. Look for something with as little tread as possible that will take loadsa pressure. 100psi is good. You might need to swop your cassette for something with a narrower range and depending how long it's been on you might need a new chain as well. If you go for new wheels you'll have to faff about with your brakes too.
  3. Disc brakes. They are Giant. Are they likely to be cross compatable?
  4. So long as the rotor size is the same should be no bother. Just damned expensive...
  5. You can get Schwalbe Marathon Plus (good puncture resistance) sized as narrow as 26x1.35 for £21 apiece here:-
    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Puncture Resistant Tyre ONLY £20.99 [ SCHWMARA1 ] - Discount Cycles Direct - Top Quality Brands at Discounted Prices
  6. ok tyres schawlbe, what about wheels. about £100 for the pair, any recommendations?
  7. Have a look here
    Factory Road Bike Wheels - Merlin Cycles
    I've only bought a couple of little bits off them and they seem ok, maybe bit miserable but I think they're northerners.
    They do have some cracking bargains and if you can get then to email you the latest offers. Which is nice.
  8. Is there a variation in the width of MTB wheels, if so what should I be looking for. Same for the tyres. I want to go as fast as possible on the road, gears permitting.
  9. I fitted Maxxis slicks to my mountainbike for commuting. They made a good couple of MPH improvement I thought, although its very hard to make a direct comparison. Only downside was punctures galore................. even road riding in Autumn.
  10. In the old days ATB rims could be up to 40mm wide, we made our own skinny rims by cutting a 4 spoke section out of a narrow 40 hole road rim and rolling it down to 26" . Nowadays 20mm is pretty common. A narrow rim makes the tyre narrower reducing the contact patch and therefore the rolling resistance. The kevlar belted tyres reduce punctures a bit but don't roll so well. Better to carry a couple of spare tubes. NB: 26" x 1.5" is ATB size, 26" x 1 1/2" is completely different. Strange but true...